Helldivers 2 player explains why the community failed to defend a key planet

Helldivers 2 player explains why the community failed to defend a key planet
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Working together as a community to achieve a common goal is a key part of Helldivers 2 as thousands of players come together to take down the Automatons and Terminids in the name of democracy. Although it doesn’t always work out, as it can be incredibly hard to encourage players to switch which enemy they’re fighting, the community largely succeeds in its task. Unfortunately, with the current Major Order players have failed one task, but it is in part due to the fact it was never communicated to players that it needed completing.

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U/brttruman took to Reddit to detail the reason why the Helldivers 2 community failed to defend Vernen Wells from the Automatons, causing the community to lose its Liberation Boost.

“The mission types that are available for the Defense Campaign are either simply not that fun, or are impossible to complete, causing people to either bounce around constantly and not actually complete the full set of missions.

  • The 15-Minute Retrieve Personnel variant is completely broken, with the only viable strategy being to have three people lure the drops while one person presses the button. Otherwise, it’s guaranteed destruction. Bugs are a little different on this mission and it’s not as much of a brick wall in the progress of the mission set.
  • For some reason, the Data Upload mission is much more common on Defense Campaigns, which many players avoid because it forces you to run wide swaths of the map having to rely on your secondary weapon the whole way.
  • Bots have a particular issue for the Evacuate High-Value Asset Missions (defend while the rockets go off) in that they are able to get Drops onto the helipad, or have Factory Striders drop just on the other side of it and shoot the generators.

These issues with the missions either make the full set virtually impossible to complete since almost all of them have the 15-Minute Retrieval variant on it, or simply not that fun to play because of having to run the entire width of the map using a secondary (or having to stop frequently to fight) or poor spawn design. Because of that, players bounce around and never actually complete the set, which doesn’t contribute to the defense progress.”

I must admit, completing all three of these mission variants seems like a chore, as I dislike the Data Upload mission for the reasons the Reddit user mentioned, so I rarely complete the entire set, which seems to not contribute towards the progress. But, I also was unaware that successfully defending it would grant a Liberation Boost, and it seems that many other players were unaware too.

Other Helldivers 2 players shared their thoughts, with U/Jamesewelch responding to the post by saying “Also, nobody knew about the importance of holding that planet because there’s nothing visible on the galaxy map to indicate that it’s important.” U/HeifetzJunkie also made a good point that these events and mechanics should be clearly communicated with players saying “They added a game mechanic that we deserve to know about easily without digging through unofficial posts and discussions like this one.”

This is one thing Arrowhead Game Studios needs to improve on, I spend most of my day covering Helldivers 2 but didn’t even know about this because it isn’t mentioned by the developers and is just something players figure out and share, meaning you have to rely on stumbling across a Reddit post about it.

Despite losing Vernen Wells, it looks like the current Major Order is ours for the taking, but that doesn’t mean we should rest on our laurels as we need to eradicate 3.1 billion enemies from the galaxy. To ensure victory, since we’ve been taking a lot of Ls recently, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can cause as much destruction in every mission you play.