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Beetlejuice and Wicked Witch seems to be confirmed to join MultiVersus!

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More MultiVersus news! – This time it happens to be believed that Beetlejuice and Wicked Witch seem to be confirmed to join the MultiVersus roster!

Beetlejuice and Wicked Witch in Season One

Following Patch 1.02 which kicked off the beginning of Season 1

It seems that a plethora of voice lines from Beetlejuice and Wicked Witch!

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One twitter account “@AisulMV” took to the platform to showcase Wicked Witch’s lines.

Source: @AisulMV

Unfortunately, Beetlejuice’s aren’t to be heard however following dialogue that has leaked, indicates that Wicked Witch will certainly be in the game as well.

The lines go as follow:

  • “I’ve teamed up with a green-skinned angel”
  • “I hear you’ve got a thing with water, me too!”
  • “Man, I always wanted one of those flying broomsticks”
  • “Ooh ooh, can I have the little dog this time? I’m hungry”
  • “Is someone going to Oz? If so, I missed that memo.”
  • “Those monkeys aren’t housetrained are they? Haha, I like that.”
  • “I’m melting, MELTING!, Oh wait, that’s your line”
  • “Not time to hit that Yellow Brick Road yet”
  • “Couldn’t you send some of those monkeys my way?”

What is MultiVersus?

Steam has described MultiVersus on their page as:

“MultiVersus is a free-to-play platform fighter that lets you team up with your friends using some of the most iconic characters including Batman, Shaggy, & more!”