Get MW3 and more Call of Duty games super cheap right now in massive Steam sale

Get MW3 and more Call of Duty games super cheap right now in massive Steam sale
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If you’ve been holding out on the latest Call of Duty to come down in price, then you may be in luck – as Steam is holding a massive sale plummeting the price of a whole host of Call of Duty titles right now, including the latest Modern Warfare 3.

Releasing just this past November, those who’ve remained patient can now pick up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for 35% from its regular price as a reward – bringing the price down to $45.49/£38.99 (from $69.99/£59.99) just a few weeks following the launch of Season 3 and its new maps and content such as 6 Star, Emergency and Growhouse. If you fancy picking up the Vault Edition, featuring the Nemesis Operator Pack and Two Weapon Vaults, then that’s now $74.99/£63.74 with a 25% discount.

The previous offering is also in the mix, netting you Modern Warfare 2 with a 50% discount and bringing the price down to $34.99/£29.99.

Of course, the Call of Duty series had been absent for a five year gap on Valve’s ubiquitous PC platform, as it was made exclusive to the launcher after 2017’s Call of Duty WW2 until they finally returned last year. So those of you with some Call of Duty shaped gaps in your library may want to pick up some of the older games too that are also in this offer.

They include the 2019 Modern Warfare, which is now 67% off at $19.79/£16.49, Vanguard which is 60% off at $23.99/£19.99 and probably the best of the recent entries – Black Ops Cold War which is also 67% off, bringing the price down to $19.79/£16.49.

If you fancy going even older, you can find other CoD offerings like the 2017 remaster of the original MW1 at 50% off, the original Black Ops, also with 50% off and even the very first Call of Duty from 2003 with 50% off, bringing the price down to $9.99.

The sale runs from now until May 2, so you’ve got just over a week to take advantage of these deals while you can – check out the Call of Duty franchise page on Steam for the full list of games.