Is GeForce Now down? Exploring outages and server status for NVIDIA

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Are you wondering is GeForce Now down? The gaming service is one of the best options for many gamers due to its massive library and unique gameplay options. Unfortunately, many users are reporting outages right now and are unable to get into GeForce. What is the server status for NVIDA right now?

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Is GeForce down?

Presently, GeForce Now is experiencing an outage. They shared an update on Thursday, March 21 that said, “GeForce NOW is currently experiencing a global outage. We are working on a fix to bring back the service as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!” Unfortunately, this has left so many people out in the cold. They did add an update that a fix was implemented a about 2:28 pm EST, but that they’re still monitoring things.

It is the second time in this month that GeForce has seen a widespread outage like this. It’s been about two weeks since the first one, and this second one comes on a very bad day for NVIDIA. Thursdays are when new games come to the Now, and the service is pretty much unavailable for everyone.

GeForce now is one of the few ways for mobile gamers to play Fortnite. It also has access to Ubisoft titles and others that are on the Epic Games Store. Sadly, it is being plagued by server issues, as DownDetector, a great source for reported issues with almost anything in this industry, has seen a spike in reports lately.

We will keep this article updated every time we are made aware of an outage to GeForce Now. It’s one of the best and most ingenious gaming services out there, and it’s a shame when its 20 million registered users cannot access it.

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