PNY RTX 4070 Ti receives a reasonable 5% discount ahead of Christmas sale

PNY RTX 4070 Ti receives a reasonable 5% discount ahead of Christmas sale
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Wondering when you’ll get your first entry into NVIDIA’s 40 Series gaming experience? Well, your journey could start here, with the PNY GeForce RTX 4070 Ti taking an appealing price drop with Christmas on the horizon. Previously $839.99, you can take advantage of the deal that has taken the price to just $799.99, saving you $40. With Frame Generation and DLSS 3 at your disposal, you will be able to take your favourite games’ performance to much higher levels, all while still enjoying a spectacle with great image quality.

While it is still active, get a hold of this deal while you still can in preparation for Christmas.

Save 5% NOW!

PNY GeForce RTX 4070 Ti 12GB

XLR8 Gaming Verto Epic-X RGB Triple Fan Graphics Card DLSS 3

Still not convinced? Here are all the important aspects of NVIDIA’s GPU that will take your gaming enjoyment to a new level.

PNY GeForce RTX 4070 Ti’s Best Features

  • Frame Generation/DLSS 3: Utilize NVIDIA’s new technology allowing you to game at much higher standards. With the new DLSS 3 upscaling method and Frame Generation, you will be able to increase your frame rates with a small cost on image quality. Dependent on chosen settings.
  • Ray Tracing Capable: Enjoy games that have Ray Tracing as a pivotal factor, such as Cyberpunk 2077. DLSS 3.5 known as Path Tracing will allow you to use Ray Tracing with improved reflections and lighting.
  • HDMI 2.1: Take your PC viewing away from your monitor to your HDMI 2.1 compatible TV screen. Will push your refresh rate to 120Hz, which is pivotal for many of your action-packed titles.
  • RGB Lighting: Add to the rest of your PC’s RGB lighting, with the PNY RTX 4070 Ti featuring EPIC-X RGB lighting.

Is the PNY GeForce RTX 4070 Ti worth it?

Any GPU among NVIDIA’s 40 Series is always worth considering a purchase, simply due to their features. While it is greatly unfortunate that Frame Generation and DLSS 3 are locked and exclusive to 40 Series GPUs only, it is the selling point of many of these graphics cards. These two features are a game changer for almost every single PC title. Whether it is a badly ported game or a heavily demanding title, the presence of Frame Generation and DLSS 3 will give you the extra desired performance.

It is important to mention that the RTX 4080, and more notably the RTX 4090 are in a league of their own in comparison, but that does not write this 4070 Ti off. Given the steep price of the aforementioned GPUs, this is the best affordable option for anyone who is looking for the 40 Series experience.

Will there be NVIDIA GPU Christmas deals?

With December 25th fast approaching, expect to see a plethora of deals for GPUs across the board. As the end of the year is on the horizon, it is time for many of your favourite products to drop in price, and GPUs will be among them. While you may wonder where to buy NVIDIA RTX 40 Series GPUs, you can be sure to keep up to date with us here and keep tabs open on Amazon for any shock deals.

While you wait, here are a few of the current deals available for NVIDIA’s GPUs.

Save 7% NOW!

ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4080 OC Edition Graphics Card

(PCIe 4.0, 16GB GDDR6X, HDMI 2.1a, DisplayPort 1.4a)