Microsoft has shared information about its next-generation Xbox with executives at US retailer GameStop, the firm's president has suggested.

Explaining the retailer's decision to withhold guidance on its digital revenue expectations for 2014, president Tony Bartlet teased that he was aware of some of Microsoft's next-gen plans, but suggested that he would rather information on the upcoming console was made public before discussing future outlooks.

"The problem is that we just - we have one console [PlayStation 4], and we have some knowledge that we can share, more knowledge that we can't. We also have knowledge of the second console, but I'd rather that, that be out in the public before we discuss our digital goals for 2014."

Microsoft has remained tight-lipped over its plans for its next-gen Xbox, despite Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement earlier this year.

But while it may be privy to some information about Microsoft's next console, comments from GameStop's CFO Robert Lloyd suggest that the retailer isn't aware of when the company is planning to launch it.

"As of now, there's been one console announced for a fourth quarter launch," said Lloyd. "Guidance at the low end of the ranges reflects that one console coming to market. Guidance at the high end of the ranges reflects the launch of a second console, should one be announced.

"We are making broad assumptions about launches within the guidance, as we do not have launch date information for quantities, prices or available software."

Rumours suggest that Microsoft could be planning to announce its next Xbox later this month.

During the same financial call, GameStop VP Mike Hogan revealed that PlayStation 4 will release globally by the end of 2013.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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