This Fortnite player has a negative V-Bucks balance, but not for the reason you might think

This Fortnite player has a negative V-Bucks balance, but not for the reason you might think
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There may have been a point in your life where you’ve had to pay off a debt to a friend or a loan from a bank, but one thing you’ve probably never had happen to you was having to owe money to Fortnite. Though the odds of this happening to a casual gamer are infinitesimally small, one player has defied all expectations after sharing an image showcasing his negative V-Bucks balance in the game.

Now, you probably think this happened because the player disputed a transaction or they somehow bought a cosmetic without having the necessary funds. But despite the Fortnite update 27.10 introducing a handful of both eye-catching and disappointing skins, the notorious debtor has gone on the record to confirm that neither of the aforementioned reasons is what caused this minor dispute.

One Redditor initially noted that this typically happens “when you purchased V-Bucks then dispute the purchase through your bank or credit card.” ArjunSB1, the Fortnite player with a V-Bucks balance of -10,270, then said in a comment that the currency they owed was caused by repeatedly clicking a notification about the “Gangnam Style emote.” As soon as they were done pressing the message, they immediately saw that their balance had turned negative, so this may have just been a temporary issue with the game itself.

It’s currently unclear whether their Fortnite wallet has since been fixed, though they did mention in another response that they’ve had a negative balance since the midpoint of Season 3. Hopefully, Epic Games will address the issue soon, or they might not be able to purchase some of the new cosmetics that are currently on offer, like the Invincible and Omni-Man outfits.

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