Epic Games addresses latest Fortnite controversy, reveals future plans

Epic Games addresses latest Fortnite controversy, reveals future plans
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The latest Fortnite controversy has sparked another outrage from the community. With the v27.10 update on November 16, Epic Games released a contentious change that made the game worse for many players. Fortunately, this is a temporary issue that will soon be fixed by the development team.

The new Fortnite update brought many fantastic things to the game, from map changes to iconic items. Unfortunately, Epic also released cosmetic restrictions with the patch, which caused some players to call it the worst update ever.

While these restrictions are a big problem for the community, the Fortnite creator ensures that they will be removed very soon.

Cosmetic restrictions caused another Fortnite controversy

If you tried to play a Fortnite Creative match after the last update, you may have run into a new issue. Some Creative maps don’t allow certain cosmetic items, which is a big problem for those who purchase them. However, Epic Games is working on fixing this and making cosmetics usable in all experiences.

It’s important to provide some background for the latest Fortnite controversy. In October, Epic implemented IARC ratings in the videogame. Due to this, every game mode, from Creative maps to core modes, has an age rating. However, these ratings also mean that the game developer has to comply with certain rules, which is why it was necessary to restrict cosmetic items.

Fortnite players slam Epic Games for controversial change in a game screen.
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Fortunately, Epic Games has a plan to fix this problem. In a post made on X, the Fortnite developer revealed that most of the restricted outfits will be compatible with all age ratings over the next year. Here is the entire statement:

More on today’s rating announcement. About 7% of Fortnite Outfits can only be equipped in islands rated Teen. Over the next year, we will enable most of these Outfits to be compatible with all ratings by having them auto-adjust appearance based on the island you want to play.

Epic Games on X

With Fortnite Chapter 5 around the corner, Epic most likely won’t focus on these cosmetic issues. However, we can expect most of Fortnite restrictions to be removed by the time the new chapter ends.