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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is the longest season ever due to behind-the-scenes switches

Epic Games has revealed the beginning date for Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 2, just after Chapter 2 Season 1 hits its one hundredth day (via games radar).

Season 2 is set to launch on February 20, rather than its originally stated date of February 6. This makes Chapter 2 Season 1 the longest ever season for Fortnite, as the seasons are usually approximately ten weeks in duration. The reason for the delay was explained by the developer, who has made the leap to the Unreal Engine's Chaos physics engine. “At launch, the goal is to ensure that Fortnite still feels like Fortnite. Along the way there will be some bumps, so we’re starting tests with a small group of players. We’ll also closely monitor feedback and make improvements over time,” said Epic Games with regard to the 11.50 update coming early next month. 

Chapter 2 Season 2 holds secrets, too. Epic Games wrote that the new season will “feature [redacted] with multiple [redacted].” Given how topsy turvy things got in Chapter 1, it’s anyone’s guess what the developer has up its sleeves. Maybe, the mechs are back. Lots of people liked those, I recall. While players wait for Season 2, Epic Games and TikTok have partnered for an emote competition. Entrants must submit their own original dance to the beat of an approved Fortnite song, and add the hashtag “#EmoteRoyaleContest.” The winner’s dance will become an official emote in Fortnite, along with 25,000 V-Bucks and a Fortnite VIP Swag Bag. The contents of this include a Funko figurine, two hoodies, Jenga: Fortnite Edition, and more.

Fortnite is out now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android. 


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