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by on Aug 24, 2021

Final Fantasy XIV forced to implement further anti-congestion measures for US and EU servers

MMO Final Fantasy XIV continues to be a victim of its own success, as the game’s director and producer has penned another open letter addressing steps being taken in the wake of full servers and players struggling to get into the game.

In the update letter, Naoki Yoshida reveals that following the game’s most recent update today, the team will increase the login cap once they’ve confirmed stability. They’re also set replace some of the server hardware in order to allow even more players into the game.

Yoshida notes that the team has observed “considerable levels of congestion” over the past few weeks, particularly on weekends, on the European Data Centers. He apologised for the long waits, but asks players to continue to wait their turn when placed into a queue.

Meanwhile, the decision has been made to classify all worlds on the US Data Center Aether as ‘Congested’. This means players will no longer be able to create new characters on those servers until the classification is lifted. Yoshida apologised for the inconvenience, noting “were the number of characters to increase any further, it could result in login queues taking up to several hours.”

As mentioned in the previous update, Yoshida says that a larger scale, long term solution is in the works. However, plans are taking longer than they’d like thanks to the ongoing global shortage of semiconductors for server hardware. Recent surges of COVID-19 cases in Japan are also apparently causing setbacks to travel for on-site upgrades.

Yoshida concludes “Considering the current situation, we will likely require more time in implementing our large-scale solutions. The circumstances surrounding our infrastructure are far from ideal, but I promise that we will continue to persevere in implementing any solutions we can!”

Hopefully, things will start looking up for the Final Fantasy XIV servers by the time the game’s next expansion releases. Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is set to launch on November 23 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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