Exoprimal fans worried game will flop due to lack of hype

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Exoprimal is set to release in just two weeks and some fans are getting a little concerned that the game isn’t going to perform well, as they notice a lack of any real promotion and hype around the game following its successful beta earlier last month.

Fans of the game have been taking to social media in recent days to note their concerns, with one user posting to the Exoprimal Reddit saying, “Anyone else a little concerned about the complete lack of hype for this game?” While most players were super impressed by the game’s beta with one player going as far as to say, that even “If the game is 100 bucks I’m still going to get it,” some are now saying that if Exoprimal doesn’t get a huge marketing push at the beginning of July that the game might quickly die off.

User Cimejies compared their worry about Exoprimal to that of Meet Your Maker, which was released on April 4, 2023. They said, “I played Meet Your Maker for a bit when it launched but there was very little hype around it and interest quickly died off – it seems to be on life support. I’m concerned the same is going to happen here.”

Other players have shared this fear too with one player noting that while they also loved the beta, Exoprimal “feels like a live service that’ll fall hard if it doesn’t get proper response and promotion.” Other players have also pointed to the game’s lack of cross-platform parties as a sore point, and given the lack of promotion for the game, players are starting to focus in on the negatives of Exoprimal. Twitter user Shmalcs said, “Damn, that’s kinda sore. I was hyped for this game but feel like there hasn’t been enough promotion and now there’s news like this. shame.”

Despite the love from players over the game’s beta we’ll just have to wait and see if fans’ worries are justified when Exoprimal fully launches on July 14, 2023. Given the game is also coming to Game Pass this might help drastically with player numbers. However, the previously mentioned Meet Your Maker was also made available for free on PlayStation Plus earlier in the year so it’s not a sure guarantee of success.

If you’re interested in picking up Exoprimal be sure to check out our piece, Exoprimal release date, story, trailers and gameplay.

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