Elden Ring
by on Nov 3, 2021

Elden Ring to show off 15 minutes of gameplay tomorrow afternoon

Bandai Namco has announced it’ll be broadcasting some gameplay of the much-anticipated Elden Ring tomorrow.

As announced by the game’s official Twitter account, From Software will present fifteen minutes of new footage. While the company hasn’t given any clues as to what it’ll be showing, it’ll be the first major look at gameplay since the game appeared at the Summer Game Fest back in June.

It’ll also be the first we’ve seen the game since it was announced it slipped into February last month. On the positive side, there will be a technical test going ahead as soon as next week. Five tests will take place across three days. Lucky participants will get some hands on time with the game ahead of its release.

If you need a quick catch up, Elden Ring is From Software’s collaboration with Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin. The game’s producer has spoken of the game’s unusual map structure compared to Dark Souls. We’ll get to find out for ourselves when the Elden Ring gameplay preview goes live, we’ve embedded the player below or you can check out the Twitch channel.

Elden Ring is set to land on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on February 25, 2022.


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Elden Ring

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31 December 2020