Armored Core 6 wasn’t kidding when it said there’d be “Thrilling Boss Battles”

Armored Core 6 wasn’t kidding when it said there’d be “Thrilling Boss Battles”
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The Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon gameplay preview may have been short but it certainly didn’t hold back when showing off just what the game has to offer when it releases next month. While Bandai Namco had advertised that Armored Core 6 would contain “thrilling boss battles” the latest gameplay preview really showed off what this actually means.

The gameplay briefing began by blowing players away with the vastness of Armored Core 6’s world. Coupled with multiple levels of traversal and a stunning art style, the movement on show looked weighty, fluid and most importantly, engaging and strategic. Showing off the various forms of movement and customization on offer in Armored Core 6 the presentation noted that “huge, multi-layered stages will let players make the most of their AC’s exceptional movement and attack capabilities”.

However, the game’s traversal seems to be only the tip of the iceberg as later on players were treated to a look at what boss encounters will look like in the game. These boss encounters will require a certain element of strategy. To get ahead ACs will be able to “deal impact damage to [enemie’s] Attitude Control System to temporarily put them out of action”. As a direct result of this players will stagger their enemies meaning any “attack received [by your enemy] in this state is considered a direct hit, dealing heavy damage”.

In one of the missions on show during the presentation, Armored Core 6’s scale is really shown off with the AC taking on a STRIDER, a Rubicon Liberation Front mining ship. The sheer size of the STRIDER dwarfs everything on screen making the AC look like an ant by comparison.

Players will also be able to use “four weapons simultaneously, equipped to each arm and shoulder”. These weapons can also be customized as well as your entire armor set which will allow for ACs to take up different roles for each encounter. Bandai Namco notes that “assembling an AC to fit your own playstyle and strategy is crucial to success”.

Two boss fights were shown off during the presentation. The first fight against Sulla really shows off the one-on-one AC compact that players can expect from “bitter duels” in Armored Core 6, with precision and strategy seeming to take priority. The presentation also showed off one of the game’s “formidable boss encounters” that will show up after completing certain missions. In what can only be described as a third-person shooter meets bullet hell, the second boss fight against BALTEUS makes the first fight look like a tutorial.

Be sure to check out the gameplay preview above and with the Armored Core 6 release date fast approaching be sure to stay tuned for more Armored Core news coverage.

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