Elden Ring
by on Jun 10, 2021

Elden Ring gameplay revealed, out January 2022

Elden Ring, the upcoming game from developer From Software, is coming out in January 2022.

During Summer Game Fest 2021, Bandai Namco showed off a gameplay for Elden Ring. The game is a collaboration between From Software and Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin. It looks sufficiently FromSoftwarian, with a mix of speed and heavily armoured movements, like a cross between Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Check out the gameplay trailer:

The official description simply reads, “Rise, Tarnished.” This could be the motto of a brutal, industrial-strength toilet cleaner, but it likely relates to the game’s dark fantasy setting.

Bandai Namco also said, “Elden Ring comes to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC Digital January 21, 2022.” That presumably means PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, along with, perhaps, the next-gen consoles.

Fans of From Software will breathe a sigh of relief, because Elden Ring seemed to be living in a kind of purgatory all of its own. Bandai Namco announced the game at E3 2019, and for a long time we didn’t hear anything. (Fans of George R.R. Martin are also familiar with this feeling.)

There were rumours, back in March, that an Elden Ring reveal had been pushed back, due to some leaked—and shaky—footage. Regardless, now fans can allow themselves to grow rabid once again, now that the game has risen—untarnished!


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Elden Ring

on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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31 December 2020