EA Sports FC 24 cover faces deemed ‘terrifying’ by community

EA Sports FC 24 cover faces deemed ‘terrifying’ by community
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The question of who would be the next player to star on the cover of any of EA Sports’ games has always been an interesting topic each year. However, EA has revealed the latest cover for EA Sports FC 24 which features a collage of players old and new. While the sentiment is nice a lot of fans have been pointing out how terrifying the whole cover looks.

Players have been noting how terrifying some of the face models on the cover look including one player who rightly pointed out Pirlo’s “thousand-yard stare” in the top right. What does he know that the rest of the cover stars don’t? Others have compared the quality of the cover art to something akin to that of a Sims DLC pack, with one fan saying, “This must be Sims 5 football DLC.” Another fan compared the cover to the graphics most associated with the PlayStation 2 saying, “Why’s it look like it’s for PlayStation 2?”

Outside of all the face woes, one user was disappointed to see that Ronaldinho was sporting a PSG jersey instead of something more fitting like Barcelona or Brazil with Pele featuring in a Brazil-like kit just behind him. Alongside this, others have taken the quality of the cover as an indicator as to how the actual game will play with one user saying, “This looks like an early-day concept for the cover. If they actually think this is even close to an acceptable cover I don’t want to know what they’ve done to the actual game.”

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