Dying Light Hellraid DLC receives final update

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Dying Light is receiving its last update this week, on May 5th—with tweaks and improvements for the fantasy-themed Hellraid DLC.

Check out the trailer for the DLC below:

The description reads:

“The final Hellraid update is coming, bringing a number of tweaks and improvements to your dungeon experience! The patch will also bring a number of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Expect the full log in a couple of days!”

Also worthy of note is that the update adds a new weapon to the game: a shotgun called the Deathbringer.

Dying Light first launched in 2015, and Techland has supported it with DLC ever since. What is doubly impressive is that a sequel, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, came out this year, and Techland is still supporting its predecessor.

In our review of Dying Light, Steven Burns said:

“It has a compulsive quality however, helped by how fundamentally well-built it is and how you grow in power by feeding those compulsions. You’ll aspire to find everything on the map, own every safehouse.”

Meanwhile, in our review of the sequel, I said:

“Frankly, I cared little for this system; there are more interesting things in Techland’s world than the squabbles that colour the map. Much of it is best grabbed on the move.”

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