Dying Light 2: Stay Human gets New Game + later this week

Dying Light 2: Stay Human gets New Game + later this week
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Techland has declared that this week’s update to Dying Light 2: Stay Human will add the much requested New Game + mode to the game.

Update 1.3.0 will arrive on April 27, and will be available to players once they’ve finished the base game. The new mode will allow players to replay the story and make different choices to the ones they made, but keep much of their progression. The team also released a new Dying 2 Know video, explaining how the mode will work.

For example, while they’ll keep most of their progression, players will have to re-earn their Nightrunner’s tools such as the paraglider or grappling hook. The team didn’t want to break the flow of the game’s story, so you’ll have to earn them from story missions as you did the first time around.

However, there’s some new stuff for players to find, including an increased world difficulty. This includes new Platinum Medal parkour challenges, 30 new inhibitors to find and new ‘Golden’ challenges. These will put even skilled City survivors to the test. There’ll also be a new quest, known as “Something Big Has Been Here” – details about this are under wraps to keep the surprise, but expect new enemies with new attacks. In addition, expect new Legendary rarity weapons and challenges too.

Players will still be able to play co-op with those not playing New Game Plus too, only they won’t be able to see the new inhibitors. There’s also set to be a load of fixes and changes too, particularly to co-op play, with full patch notes expected when the update drops.

For now, you can check out the Dying 2 Know broadcast for Dying Light 2: Stay Human‘s New Game + down below. The patch arrives this Wednesday, April 27.