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Dragon’s Dogma 2 was considered before Devil May Cry 5, says Hideaki Itsuno

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Devil May Cry overlord Hideaki Itsuno has revealed he considered making a new Dragon's Dogma game before plumping for Devil May Cry 5.

Chatting with our sister site PlayStation Trophies, Itsuno-san revealed that he'd still like to develop a new entry in the cult fantasy-RPG series, although wouldn't confirm outright if it'll actually happen.

'I'd love to make another Dragon's Dogma,' said Itsuno. 'In fact before we started making Devil May Cry 5 I was really thinking hard and long about whether I want to make another Dragon's Dogma game at this point or do I want to make a new Devil May Cry game.

'At that point of time, I ended up choosing to do a Devil May Cry game,' he continued, 'but I would still love to make another Dragon's Dogma if I still could.'

Dragon's Dogma launched back in 2012 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and received an expansion, Dark Arisen, the following year. The game was later spruced up for PS4 and Xbox One in 2017, and hits Nintendo Switch later this year.

Devil May Cry 5 is due out on March 8 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One, and Josh is giddy with excitement over how it's shaping up.

Dragon’s Dogma

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With your party of three you set out on an epic adventure…

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25 May 2012