Dishonored 3 plus Oblivion and Fallout 3 remasters were reportedly in the works according to Microsoft leak

Dishonored 3 plus Oblivion and Fallout 3 remasters were reportedly in the works according to Microsoft leak
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A number of high-profile Bethesda games that were at one point in development appear to have been uncovered thanks to leaked court documents, including remasters of Oblivion and Fallout 3.

As reported by The Verge’s Tom Warren, the documents were incorrectly hidden and wound up being posted publicly for a short time, giving insight to things such as a 2020 presentation that detailed a number of games Bethesda was working on before parent company Zenimax’s acquisition by Microsoft. Given the presentation in question was three years ago, and before their subsequent $7.5 billion dollar deal, some or all of these plans may have changed dramatically (for example, it puts the recently-released Starfield as launching in Financial Year 2021), but some intriguing names were mentioned as planned in the ‘ZeniMax Management Forecast’.

These included an Oblivion remaster planned for FY2022, alongside the announced Indiana Jones game and Starfield DLC. A new Doom game, entitled Year Zero, also appears to have been intended for 2023, alongside a mysterious Project Kestrel and Project Platinum. 2024, meanwhile, was at one point apparently set to bring, among other things, a new entry in the Dishonored series, a Ghostwire Tokyo sequel and a Fallout 3 remaster. None of these games had previously been announced by Bethesda, so it’s not clear how far – if at all – they may or may not have been in development, but the list certainly would’ve had Bethesda fans punching the air.

At the current time, Microsoft are yet to comment on today’s leaks – though we’ll update if they do so – so it’s worth noting that many of these planned games may no longer be in development or planned at all – again, this was not only pre-pandemic but also before Bethesda were acquired by Microsoft – but given Starfield’s massive success, it would certainly seem a shrewd move to capitalise with some blasts from Bethesda’s past.

This story is developing, so expect more over the next few hours.

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