Diablo 4 just rolled back its most controversial patch change

Diablo 4 just rolled back its most controversial patch change
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Blizzard has already taken some of its first steps to undo some of the damage from its recent controversial patch, as it’s now removed some of the new World Tier requirements in a new hotfix.

In a new hotfix posted today, there’s only two notes – but the one reading “removed the level requirement for World Tiers III and IV” is sure to make a lot of fans very happy. As a quick overview, World Tiers make enemies harder, in exchange for better and rarer loot, and were first unlocked after completion of the campaign. However, an additional level requirement was then added as part of the latest patch, but wasn’t flagged up in the patch notes. However, users quickly noticed this, and voiced their displeasure on places like Reddit.

Though many are pleased by the change, many more still are saying this roll back shouldn’t have had to happened to begin with. “I want to be grateful, but it was a silly change in the first place.I don’t want to commend the arsonist for putting out their own fire,” says NoAstronomer9850. Others still are convinced a conspiracy is at play. “This is an extremely common tactic I’ve seen in other live service games. Bungie has been infamous for this exact thing! They put out something that is so obviously terrible and then fix it 6 months later under the guise of “we’re listening” and people praise them for it.”

There’s still a lot of anger around the Diablo 4 Season 1 patch – a fireside chat is expected later this week to address some of these issues. Some of these issues have riled the community up so much, they’ve threatened to boycott Season 1. Meanwhile, the Diablo 4 Season 1 start time is set to kick off later today.