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Destiny 2 players complain high HP bosses are ruining dungeons

Destiny 2 dungeon Season of the Deep
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Dungeons in Destiny 2 are a great alternative to raids and Grandmaster Nightfalls since it can often be cleared quickly by yourself or with a fireteam. However, a large number of fans have recently been complaining about the high HP bosses present within these encounters that end up ruining the entire experience.

These frustratingly absurd enemies have become so tedious to take down that not even the best PvE weapons could help your cause. Of course, the short damage phases these battles often give you also don’t help since you spend more time trying to bring down their barriers than actually whittling away at their health.

With Bungie currently busy working on a new live service Marathon remake, players have now started turning to Reddit in an effort to bring more attention to this issue. One user named TheGoldenYosh even created a post stating that they “hope the new dungeon doesn’t have massive HP pool bosses like Akelous.”

Other players commenting under the thread were in agreement with the post creator’s sentiment, with one responder stating that “short damage phases and no power ammo makes a large HP boss even worse.” Another user would end up piling more onto the Akelous criticism train by noting that its “very small weak spot” and penchant for “moving backwards” makes it an awful encounter.

With Season of the Deep having already begun, it should only be a matter of time until the new dungeon gets released. Hopefully, the bosses within aren’t as mind-numbing as Akelous and Bungie gives us a more forgiving set of encounters this time around.

While you wait for the new dungeon to drop, check out our guides on how to get the Season of the Deep artifact and how to get Deepsight Harmonizer in Destiny 2 so you can have an easier time blazing thorugh the new content.

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