Destiny 2 community struggling with current Nightfall Strike, GM Difficulty Near Impossible

Destiny 2 community struggling with current Nightfall Strike, GM Difficulty Near Impossible
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A large portion of the Destiny 2 community is seemingly struggling with this week’s Nightfall Strike entitled The Ordeal. Although these match types are often more difficult than any regular Dungeon or campaign mission, the one that’s currently available is significantly harder than any of the others that have been provided so far.

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For those unfamiliar, each weekly reset brings a new Nightfall Strike to the game. Those that participate can choose from five different difficulties before attempting it, with better prizes being awarded to fireteams if a bigger handicap is chosen.

Due to its replay value, this mode is often popular among players as they can keep attempting it multiple times. With this in mind, the hardship is often worth it because of the rewards given out – providing that you and your squad are able to complete it, that is.

Unfortunately, this week’s offering seems to be a little more complex than normal as numerous users are already struggling on Legend difficulty. Several Reddit posts have even been made complaining of the heavy grinding that The Ordeal requires. The author of a particularly popular post even remarked that with Legend already being as grueling as it is, choosing to play it on GM will be even more of an issue.

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The main aspect that players seem to be struggling with specifically this time is the NF’s boss room. Because of its insane difficulty, one commenter has even jokingly asked Bungie to bring back 12-man groups just so they can finish it easily.

Although this is unlikely to happen, these comments show just how insurmountable the current Nightfall Strike is for most players. Unfortunately, this issue is unlikely to be fixed by the developers so Guardians may just have to wait until the next weekly reset to attempt a new one.