Who is the leader of the Darkness in Destiny 2?

Who is the leader of the Darkness in Destiny 2?
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The Darkness are the main forces of evil that oppose those who represent the Light in Destiny 2. Most of the significant antagonists that have been introduced through every expansion so far such as Rhulk, Savathûn, and Calus are all a part of this malevolent faction.

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However, those following the extensive lore of the popular multiplayer FPS title are still unclear as to who the leader of the Darkness actually is. Well, you won’t have to wonder any longer because now we’re here to tell you who the mastermind is behind all of the conflict in the world of Destiny 2.

Who leads the Darkness in Destiny 2?

Not much is currently known about the leader of Darkness in Destiny 2 apart from the fact that they go by different names throughout the series, such as the Winnower and the Deep. This entity is responsible for granting most of the antagonists their powers, including the Light and Darkness saga’s main villain, The Witness.

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The Darkness’ main objective is to eliminate those that cannot survive adversity. By doing this, only the strongest will remain and this will have brought an end-state to their universe thereby fulfilling their goal called the “Final Shape.”

Contrary to popular belief, The Witness is not the leader of the Darkness. This all-powerful being is merely a servant of the larger omnipotent entity that granted them and many other factions their sinister abilities.

It’s currently unclear when Bungie plans on revealing more details about the overarching adversary of the Destiny 2 series. However, its background will most likely be disclosed after the current Light and Darkness saga concludes since this story arc mainly revolves around The Witness and their disciples.