This Destiny 2 glitch finally gives you a valid excuse to get out of ad clear duties

This Destiny 2 glitch finally gives you a valid excuse to get out of ad clear duties
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A hilarious and equally awful Destiny 2 glitch that will finally give you an excuse to get out of ad clear duties has recently surfaced. According to several player reports, the bug in question is apparently kicking players from the server after they kill an enemy so these Guardians are essentially stuck with the exciting role of a Raid runner.

Sadly, this also means that your best Hunter build and best PvE weapons largely won’t matter since you’ll be booted out of your current session as soon as you down a combatant. Additionally, the current outlook for the players affected becomes even more bleak since Bungie is yet to provide an update or a fix for this issue.

One unlucky user named nohap102401 has even gone on Reddit to share their own experience with this frustrating glitch. Based on the clip the player included with their post, the initial scene shows them using The Wardcliff Coil to quickly eliminate a lone Scorn soldier. Soon after, a message would pop up stating that they could not connect to the Destiny 2 servers and that the cause for this was the notorious error code Monkey.

However, it seems as if this issue isn’t only because of a mere network error code as the user would repeatedly get kicked from a session as soon as they demolished a single minion. One commenter couldn’t help but poke fun at the post creator by saying that this bug makes their “job in a raid super easy.” Another responded provided their own helpful solution by simply telling the user not to kill anything.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if the problem in question has been addressed as the developers are yet to provide a patch at the time of writing. Hopefully, it does get fixed soon or the players affected may just have to keep playing the game permanently as a Raid runner.

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