Deliver Us Mars dev diary explores the story and motion capture

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Frontier Foundry and developer KeokeN Interactive have released the second developer diary for Deliver Us Mars, the sequel to 2018’s Deliver Us the Moon.

The diary, “Earth’s Last Hope,” explores the father-daughter relationship at the game’s centre. And it gives us a look at the actors, as well. Ellise Chappel plays the game’s heroine, Kathy Johanson. Neil Newbon is the game’s performance director, and he also plays Kathy’s father, Isaac Johanson.

Check out the developer diary below:

The description reads:

“Learn more about the cast and story of Deliver Us Mars with the latest Dev Diary, Earth’s Last Hope.”

The first game, Deliver Us the Moon, was a striking one, twining its narrative nicely with its puzzle elements. In VideoGamer’s review of that game, I said:

“You could argue, quite reasonably, that mutiny on the moon should be the subject of considerable thrill, but when games take us up there—and a developer performs the unenviable task of untethering us convincingly from the Earth—they can hardly be blamed if our small, pitiful narratives pale and drift in the process.”

Deliver Us Mars is out on September 27th. It will be on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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