Death Stranding Director's Cut
Ben Borthwick by on Aug 26, 2021

Death Stranding Director’s Cut showcases new PlayStation 5 features in latest preview trailer

Kojima Productions has shown off the new features of Death Stranding Director’s Cut in a new almost-nine minute trailer shown off at Gamescom.

During the trailer, we get a good look at some of Sam Bridges’ new tools at his disposal. These include the Evolved Stabilisers with Thrusters—a jetpack, basically— that allows Sam to clear large gaps with ease. There’s also the cannon-like Cargo Catapult and the trusty Buddy Bot and their increased capabilities. They’ll even carry you on long distances, which is handy.

We also get a good glimpse at new facilities such as the Firing Range that’ll let you compete with friends via new leaderboards for high scores. You can also unlock new weapons such as the Mazer Gun that can stun enemies. You’ll also be able replay boss battles to brush up on your skills between missions.

We’re also treated to a brief glimpse of some of the new missions, including  a decidedly Metal Gear Solid-esque infiltration of a warehouse full of bad guys. Naturally, we also get a look at the new jump ramps, that you can even trick off because why not? And finally, we get a good peek at the previously revealed race track.

You can check out the full video showing off Death Stranding Director’s Cut and its new features below. The package lands on PlayStation 5 on September 24, 2021. And if you’ve not checked out our review of the original game yet, find that over here.


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