The new Death Stranding trailer gets The Drop on us

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Sony and Kojima Productions have published a new Death Stranding trailer titled ‘The Drop’, and shows off the nasty baddies chasing down Sam and a tall chap at the end.

After a mysterious apocalypse causes the eradication of almost all life and an invasion from the realm of the dead, Sam’s mission is to reconnect what was the United States. Delivering cargo from hub to hub, the BRIDGES network is restored but it will hardly be an easy ride. This trailer showed off a cinematic look at the enemies attempting to stop Sam in his tracks.

They roll up in a big ol’ jeep and they look like the CDC from Monsters Inc. It’s unknown as to whether they’re after Sam’s cargo or his golden BB, but if it’s the latter then that’s a hint that they’re also seeking missing children that could endanger the world. Sam’s able to fend them off with a lasso weapon as they throw and swipe at him with electrifying staffs. One manages to knock a briefcase off of Sam’s backpack and then Sam’s like ‘Oh, s***!’ and then he’s like ‘Remember when BRIDGES gave me that briefcase? I do’. He should probably have prioritised picking it up, in my opinion.

The trailer also shows us a crater in the ground and I’m guessing Sam doesn’t have a ladder long enough to cross it. But, if he did, I bet it’d get loads of likes. In another scene, Sam leaves the base and sees a tall figure emerge from the earth, anchored with what looks like dark tendrils of rope. I tell you, Green Giant has taken a turn with its marketing approach.

Death Stranding is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4 on November 8, and will release onto PC some time later. Watch the new trailer below.

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