Dead by Daylight welcomes Japanese horror Ringu in March 2022

Dead by Daylight welcomes Japanese horror Ringu in March 2022
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Behaviour Interactive has announced that the next horror franchise it’ll welcome into asymmetric horror Dead by Daylight will be the Ringu series.

The Ringu crossover will be the centrepiece of the game’s 23rd(!) chapter. If you’re not familiar, the series centres around a deadly videotape that kills anyone who watches it within seven days.

The series originated as a novel entitled Ring by Japanese author Koji Suzuki in 1991. Following this, the book would then adapted into a series of successful movies known as Ringu. These were then in turn given a Western adaptation that English audiences know as The Ring. From the sounds of the announcement, however, the crossover will mainly be themed around the original Japanese novel and movies.

While specifics are only being teased for now, the implication is that the Killer the chapter will introduce will be none-other than Sadako Yamamura herself. She’s the long-haired lady who mostly enjoys crawling out of TVs to kill her victims. As for the Survivor and Map, we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out more.

Kadokawa Corporation, who own the franchise, offer a statement from producer Reiko Imayasu. “We are very excited for the collaboration with Behaviour Interactive and the Dead by Daylight team. We’ll be sending one of our most haunting characters to the Fog to pour down horrors that will rival all the great predecessors. Fans should beware of their heart; this deadly newcomer will definitely strike them, and they will tremble with fear whilst they wait.”

Previously, Dead by Daylight has welcomed many horror legends over the years, including Nightmare on Elm Street and, most recently, Hellraiser. The Ringu Chapter will arrive in the game in March 2022, and you can check out the trailer below.