Dead by Daylight’s next guest character is… Nicolas Cage?

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Behaviour Interactive has revealed the next character coming to horror multiplayer slasher Dead by Daylight, and rather than a fictional horror icon, this time it’s adding the very real actor Nicolas Cage.

That’s right – Nicolas Cage, star of Face/Off, National Treasure and that meme with Pedro Pascal (more formally known as The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent) – will be a part of the slasher game’s next update entitled, fittingly, Dead by Daylight Nicolas Cage. At this early stage, Behaviour are giving very little away about Cage’s specific role – whether he’ll be a killer or a survivor – but an accompanying teaser video also shows a movie set in disarray, so that might be pointing at a new film-based arena too.

We’ll find out for sure on July 5, as the studio says that’s when they’re going to reveal more about the forthcoming update. Although it seems an odd choice to cast a real life person in among the horror game’s usual cast of icons like Michael Myers, Freddie Kruger and Sadako from The Ring, Cage himself is no stranger to the horror genre, having himself starred in a number of horror movies including Mandy, Color Out of Space and most recently as Dracula in the horror-comedy Renfield.

However he’ll manifest in the game, fans are already immensely excited by the prospect of playing as or against Cage, posting plenty of memes (yes, including that one) and expressing their joy at the news. It’s certainly going to be one of Dead by Daylight’s most popular updates, as Cage joins a world that already has previously featured Resident Evil and Silent Hill characters.

There’s no word on when to expect the Dead by Daylight Nicolas Cage update just yet – we’d assume that’s coming as part of the reveal on July 5 – but it’s probably safe to assume you Con (Air) expect him to arrive later this summer.

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