DBD Bone Chill winter event 2023 start date, time and rewards

DBD Bone Chill winter event 2023 start date, time and rewards
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We are in the final month of the year which means we are bound to be getting multiplayer game events celebrating Christmas. Despite its gore and brutality, Dead By Daylight is one of these multiplayer games that has an annual winter festivity. The DBD Bone Chill event 2023 start date and time is right around the corner, and it comes with a batch of rewards as well as snowballs and snowmen.

It has been a good year for fans of BeHaviour Interactive’s horror juggernaut. Chapter 30 is out right now, and the killer is Chucky with lots of unique abilities and perks. Not only that, but he is also the first character to get a third-person POV perspective. In addition to the arrival of Chucky, the Game Awards also saw the reveal of the Dead By Daylight single-player game by Supermassive, The Casting of Frank Stone. Although only a trailer with no release date, we have at least gotten a look at the new killer as well as some of the survivors.

The future of Dead By Daylight is very strong and 2024 is certain to be another great year. But, before 2024 comes around, we have the annual DBD Bone Chill winter event to celebrate.

DBD Bone Chill event 2023 start date

The start date for the DBD Bone Chill winter event 2023 is December 14th. This is confirmed by Dead By Daylight developer, BeHaviour Interactive. It is a limited event that brings the festive season to the world of horror and frights, and it is arguably the best seasonal event of the year even surpassing Halloween.

As for what to expect, maps will be covered in snow. Snowmen were introduced in 2022, and they are set to return. But, instead of being all cutesy, they are now grotesque, and some of them will act unkindly to your presence.

In addition to snowmen, you can throw snowballs as both a killer and a survivor. Aptly dubbed ‘snowskulls,’ what you need to do is find piles of snow and then aim your snowball at either the killer or a survivor’s head. It doesn’t damage or injure opponents, but it is funny humiliation.

When does the DBD Bone Chill winter event 2023 start?

The start time for the Dead By Daylight Bone Chill winter event 2023 is 8 AM PT/ 11 AM ET/ 4 PM GMT on December 14th. Unfortunately, it is a limited-time celebration of Christmas, and it is scheduled to end at the same hours on January 4th.

During its allotted time, you will be tasked with completing three levels of challenges. These challenges haven’t been specified, but they will include snowballs. And, for completing these challenges, you will earn currency to buy rewards.

Dead By Daylight Bone Chill 2023 start time US

  • 8 AM PT on Thursday, December 14th
  •  11 AM ET on Thursday, December 14th

Dead By Daylight Bone Chill 2023 start time UK

  • 4 PM GMT on December 14th


Below are some of the rewards you will be able to buy and unlock during the DBD Bone Chill winter event 2023:

  • New The Wraith outfit
  • New Jeff Johanssen outfit
    •  Ugly sweatersGabriel Soma
    •  Renato Lyra
    •  Thalita Lyra
  •  Killer weapons
    • The Hillbilly
    •  The Clown
    •  The Trapper
  •  Frosty Eyes for the Skull Merchant and The Singularity
  •  Holiday-themed Charms
  •  Play Card customizations

More rewards will be included, but above is everything revealed by BeHaviour Interactive. Remember that there is also the daily login calendar of rewards during the whole of December up until January 3rd. And, if you’re feeling particularly festive, you will be able to buy ugly sweaters for Ellen Ripley and Chucky from the in-game store.

In other news, the Epic Games 15 days of free mystery games has begun. PC players also have the Steam Winter Sale 2023 to anticipate for massive discounts and bargains.