Days Gone, Hitman 2, and Red Dead Redemption 2 are your top gaming stories this week

Days Gone, Hitman 2, and Red Dead Redemption 2 are your top gaming stories this week
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Cheryl nee-Fernandez-Versini/Cole/Tweedy has announced she’s taking to the stage again for the first time in four years, where she’ll perform her new single, ‘Love Made Me Do It.’ It probably won’t feature a guest appearance from Nadine Coyle, though.

Phil Collins took his ‘Not Dead Yet’ tour to the US, where he sat on a chair for the whole evening while belting out some classic dad rock. As Big Phil said, his static performance was down to a ‘f***ed-up foot,’ but fortunately his scary lookalike son Nicholas was on hand to hit the skins. Come on Phil, give Mike and Tony a ring, get Genesis back together, and stick the young lad behind the kit – it’ll be magic.

And finally, Danny ‘I’m f***ing Danny Dyer’ Dyer’s only landed himself a gig fronting a new historical TV show for the BBC. Yep, the cockney wide boy will be putting himself through 800 years of British history, doing things like eating a sheep’s tongue and learning to hunt. He described the experience as ‘nutty.’ Well, he is related to royalty, so I guess it’s natural he’d want to explore how his ancestors lived. But could they pull a pint like Mick Carter? Nah, mate.

Hitman 2 will let you kill Sean Bean

Sean Bean is probably one of my favourite actors. Despite predictably dying in almost every single thing he’s appeared in, he’s an amazingly versatile chap and compelling to watch. Most people would probably cite something like The Lord of the Rings or GoldenEye as some of his best film work, but I think it’s all about Silent Hill: Revelation. Anyway, the fact he’s now rocking up as an Elusive Target in Hitman 2 is a thing of beauty. Quite how we’ll get to kill him off remains a mystery, but one does not simply kill Sean Bean without making a spectacle of it, surely?

You can finish Man of Medan in about four hours

Fun fact: I can roughly get in about two games of Resident Evil 2 in four hours. Cool, eh? [Editor’s note: It isn’t] Short games get slated unfairly, in my opinion; just because a game isn’t a 50+ hour epic doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the cash. I’d sometimes rather have a concise, satisfying experience that lasts a couple of hours than a game that outstayed its welcome. In the case of Man of Medan, the fact it includes multiple paths based on your choices means there’s plenty of incentive to play through it a number of times – something not all games boast.

Sega cancelled a full-fledged Shenmue HD remake

Shenmue HD wasn’t a bad release as such, but I think most people – myself included – expected far more from Sega for a pair of games that are nearly 20-years-old. Turns out they were planning more, with a comprehensive high-definition remake in the pipeline for both Shenmue I & II, before alleged budget constraints forced them to pull the plug. Frankly, this is a bloody travesty. The footage we’ve seen looked brilliant, with gorgeous, revamped textures and models eschewing the original AM2 assets. It’s doubtful Sega would have altered the core gameplay, but the sailor-searching cult classics would have definitely benefited from a visual upgrade.

Rockstar has put in ‘100-hour weeks’ working on Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar’s Dan Houser caused quite an outcry on social media this week after comments from an interview with Vulture implied that staff had been working ‘100-hour weeks’ on Red Dead Redemption 2. That’s just over 14 hours per day – a totally absurd figure no matter which way you slice it. Houser later attempted to clarify his comments, although that didn’t stop ex-Rockstar employees from dishing up some rather alarming stories about previous crunches for the likes of Grand Theft Auto 5. It’s pretty alarming stuff.

During the same interview, Houser dropped some major stats for the Wild West prequel, including the fact it’ll take over 60 hours to finish and boasts over 300,000 animations.

Days Gone has been delayed

You can’t really blame Sony for booting this one out of its February slot – it was a bit crowded after all. Launching a new IP is a tough gig as it is, but when you’re releasing it in a month with two major franchise sequels – namely, Crackdown 3 and Metro Exodus – your job becomes a lot tougher. Anthem’s also out around the same time, which doesn’t help matters. To be honest, I’m not even sure how I feel about Days Gone; on the surface, it looks like Just Another Zombie Game (okay, they’re called Freakers, but come on – they’re basically zombies) and at this point I really don’t know what more it can offer that hasn’t been done before. I just hope I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the biggest digital day one launch in Activision history

Like death, taxes, and Phil Mitchell inexplicably duffing up people younger and fitter than himself, Call of Duty smashing records is just something you expect every year. While physical sales took a tumble over last year’s outing, Black Ops 4’s digital performance marked a huge milestone for publisher Activision, recording their biggest digital day one sales in the company’s history. Evidently, the lack of a campaign didn’t bother that many people in the end. Further stats later in the week confirmed that the military shooter also chalked up a significant number of players in comparison to CoD: WWII and Black Ops 3.

Skybound wants all ex-Telltale staff on board to finish The Walking Dead

The whole Telltale situation has been pretty grim, even in light of news that Skybound is taking on the task of finishing The Walking Dead: The Final Season. After all, who would benefit? The people moaning about not having their game completed? It sure as hell wouldn’t be the folk who were unceremoniously let go from Telltale, that’s for sure.  However, Skybound has since confirmed it’s aiming to have the whole team on board to finish the last two episodes, which is a fine gesture regardless of whether or not they accomplish it. Will people be readily available or even want to hop back into the picture? In a perfect world, sure. Still, fair play to Skybound for extending an olive branch.

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