Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0 radio station list – all radio stations in Night City

Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0 radio station list – all radio stations in Night City
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As you drive through the dystopian streets of Cyberpunk 2077, you will undoubtedly hear various songs that fit the atmosphere of the dystopic Night City. Flipping through each radio station within the game presents its unique flavor, making the experience even more immersive.

The expansive set of songs in the base game contained several recognizable artists, making the experience even more enjoyable with its themed futuristic soundtrack. However, with the arrival of the Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0 patch notes, more frequencies have been added, giving players even more music to choose from.

Before you start looking through the list of stations and songs available in the game, though, we suggest checking out our Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty review. If you simply want to know what tunes you can hear in the game, here is the complete list of radio stations in Cyberpunk 2077.

All Radio Stations in Cyberpunk 2077

There are currently a total of 14 radio stations present within the game after new ones were introduced as part of update 2.0. Out of these additional frequencies, the most prominent one is 89.7 Growl FM, helmed by DJ Ash, voiced by no other than Sasha Grey. As you flip through each station, you’ll also hear songs written and performed by famous, real-world artists such as Run the Jewels and Grimes, so there are a handful of musicians you should already be familiar with.

So, without further ado, here are all the radio stations in Cyberpunk 2077, along with their respective song lists:

88.9 Pacific Dreams

Song TitleIn-Game Artist Name (Real Artist Name)
Isometric AirQuantum Lovers (Brian Aspey)
Practical HeartQuantum Lovers (Brian Aspey)
Real WindowQuantum Lovers (Brian Aspey)
AntagonisticPacific Avenue (Sebastian Roberston and Chris Cardena)
Simple PleasuresJänsens (Kid Moxie)
LithiumFlatlander Woman (SLG)
SlagFlatlander Woman (SLG)
ChoozeMuchomorr (Mchy I Porosty)
Midnight EyeLick Switch (Earth Trax)
BlurredLick Switch (Earth Trax)
The Other RoomLick Switch (Earth Trax)
La Stessa CausaSonoris Causa (Eltron)
RetrogenesisLeft Unsaid (Private Press)
Miami SuicideTalk To Us (Chino)
Slippery StabsTalk To Us (Chino)
Ashes and DiamondsWormview (Hatti Vatti)
Ice MaddoxMona Mitchell (FOQL)

89.3 Radio Vexelstrom

Song TitleIn-Game Artist Name (Real Artist Name)
Resist and DisorderThe Cartesian Duelists (Rezodrone)
Kill the MessengerThe Cartesian Duelists (Rezodrone)
Makes Me Feel BetterSlavoj McAllister (OnenO)
Dead PilotKeine (Sebastian Robertson and Daniel Davies)
Come CloseKeine (Sebastian Robertson and Daniel Davies)
Black TerminalUpgrade (Black Terminal)
ReaktionAlexei Brayko (Rezodrone)
With HerEgo Affliction (Steven Richard Davis)
Never Stop MeDen of Degenerates (Steven Richard Davis)
ViolenceThe Red Glare (Le Destroy)
PainThe Red Glare (Le Destroy)
Night City AliensHomeschool Dropouts (The Armed)
Selva PulsátilTainted Overlord (Deafkids)
A CaçaTainted Overlord (Deafkids)

89.7 Growl FM

Song TitleIn-Game Artist Name (Real Artist Name)
Let the Stars DieCoeur Noir (Coeur Noir)
Flat LineRed Dead Roadkill (Red Dead Roadkill)
Candy ShellSpirit Machines (Spirit Machines)
Do or DieNoWorld (NoWorld)
LITEntolim (Entolim)
El TiempoSkin on Flesh (Skin on Flesh)
KillshotJusttjokay (Justtjokay)
SlipstreamKiba (Kiba)
FUMESAleyna Moon & Shrinjay Ghosh (Aleyna Moon & Shrinjay Ghosh)
Look Through My Kiroshi’sD.O.H. (D.O.H.)
Going to HeavenSt. Aurora (St. Aurora)
NebulaESAI & Pure 100% (ESAI & Pure 100%)
Afterlife (feat. JustCosplaySings)Thai McGrath (Thai McGrath)

91.9 Royal Blue Radio

Song TitleIn-Game Artist Name (Real Artist Name)
Black SatinMiles Davis (Miles Davis)
What IfMiles Davis (Miles Davis)
Agharta Prelude DubMiles Davis (Miles Davis)
Bitches BrewMiles Davis (Miles Davis)
Générique (from Ascenseur pour L’Échafaud)Miles Davis (Miles Davis)
ImpressionsJohn Coltrane (John Coltrane)
Solo DancerCharles Mingus (Charles Mingus)
LauraDexter Gordon (Dexter Gordon)
You Don’t Know What Love IsChet Baker (Chet Baker)
Round MidnightThelonious Monk (Thelonious Monk)
Dark PrinceTrio of Doom (Trio of Doom)

92.9 Night FM

Song TitleIn-Game Artist Name (Real Artist Name)
Dirty RosesPerilous Futur (OnenO)
WorldsThe Unresolved (Sebastian Robertson and Daniel Davies)
XThe Unresolved (Sebastian Robertson and Daniel Davies)
ManiakDoctor Berserk (Picasso)
Me MachineGenerating Dependencies (Poly Face)
Like a MiracleLick Switch (Earth Trax)
RunKings of Collapse (Steven Richard Davis)
Glitched RevelationReviscerator (Procesor Plus)
Yellow BoxReviscerator (Procesor Plus)
Kill KillThe Bait (Le Destroy)
Flying HeadsAshes Potts (Kid Moxie)
Volcano The SailorYards of the Moon (Połoz)
Brain-DamagedCyber Coorayber (Nikola Nikita Jeremic)

95.2 Samizdat Radio

Song TitleIn-Game Artist Name (Real Artist Name)
Pilling in My HeadBara Nova
Delirium 2Bara Nova
Harm Sweaty PitBara Nova
My Lullaby for YouBara Nova
Surprise Me, I’m Surprised TodayBara Nova

96.1 Ritual FM

Song TitleIn-Game Artist Name (Real Artist Name)
FinisV3RM1N (Drivealone)
The AccursedDread Soul (Antre)
Adaptive ManipulatorBacillus (Tomb Mold)
March 30Bacillus (Tomb Mold)
Acid BreatherForlorn Scourge (Mastiff)
Witches of the Harz MountainsNuclear Aura (Marcin Rybicki)
The LoopWeles (Deszcz)
ScrumHysteria (Totenmesse)
Fuelled By PoisonInferno Crops (Antigama)
KevinInferno Crops (Antigama)
Future DrugsHexxxer (Mord’A’Stigmata)
ŻurawieWydech (Ugory)
Abandoned LandFist of Satan (Arthur Rumiński and Haldor Grunberg)
Black ConcreteFist of Satan (Arthur Rumiński and Haldor Grunberg)
I Won’t Let You GoShattered Void (Converge)

98.7 Body Heat Radio

Song TitleIn-Game Artist Name (Real Artist Name)
BMClockwork Venus (SOPHIE and Shygirl)
Circus MinimusNeon Haze (Jvzel)
Major CrimesWindow Weather (HEALTH)
Night CityArtemis Delta (R E L)
I Really Want to Stay at Your HouseHallie Coggins (Let’s Eat Grandma)
Hole In The SunPoint Break Candy (Raney Shockne feat. COS and Conway)
BlindAmerican Medical Association (Raney Shockne)
HistoryTrash Generation (Gazelle Twin)
4ÆMLizzy Wizzy (Grimes)
Delicate WeaponLizzy Wizzy (Grimes)
Ponpon Sh*tUs Cracks (Namakopuri)
User Friendly coverUs Cracks (Namakopuri)
Off the LeashUs Cracks feat. Kerry Eurodyne (Namakopuri and Damian Ukeje)
CrustpunkIBDY (RAT BOY)
Here’s a ThoughtIBDY (RAT BOY)

Impulse 99.9

Impulse 99.9 includes a revamped track list featuring a new set of songs remixed by Idris Elba. The songs are yet to be announced, but we will update this page with the latest information as soon as the developers reveal it.

101.9 The Dirge

Song TitleIn-Game Artist Name (Real Artist Name)
The God MachinesKill Trigger feat. Paul Senai and Krakow (Sebastian Roberston, Kill the Computer, and Indijinouz)
Blouses BlueNC3 (Konrad OldMoney feat. Cidro Onetoo and Perry Porter)
Problem KidsYoung Kenny (Konrad OldMoney feat. Taelor Yung)
Bigger ManDroox (Konrad OldMoney feat. Taelor Yung)
Go BlazeDNE feat. G’Natt (Konrad OldMoney feat. Chanarah and Cidro Onetoo)
DishonorIchibanchi (Konrad OldMoney feat. Brevner)
FrostYamete (Konrad OldMoney feat. Frawst)
High School BullyUMVN feat. IMP RA (Konrad OldMoney feat. Cidro Onetoo and Perry Porter)
NBOMDapxflem (Konrad OldMoney feat. Cidro Onetoo and Perry Porter)
SuicideCode 137 (Geno Lenardo feat. Zeale)
Day of DeadHaps (Konrad OldMoney feat. Taelor Yung)
BruzezKnixit (Konrad OldMoney feat. Johnny GR4VES)
Clip BossSugarcoob feat. Anak Konda (Konrad OldMoney feat. Johnny GR4VES)
Pluck UTriple-B feat. Gun-Fu (Konrad OldMoney feat. Ded Stark)
Hello Good MorningPazoozu (Konrad OldMoney feat. S-God)
Run The BlockBez Tatami feat. Gully Foyle (Konrad OldMoney feat. Taelor Yung)
GR4VESKyubik (Konrad OldMoney feat. Johnny GR4VES)
Warning ShotsLaputan Machine (Konrad OldMoney feat. Perry Porter and Cidro Onetoo)
MetamorphosisGorgon Madonna (Yugen Blakrok)
No Save PointYankee and the Brave (Run The Jewels)
Flacko LockoTelo$ (A$ap Rocky)

103.5 Radio PEBKAC

Song TitleIn-Game Artist Name (Real Artist Name)
BiosError (Louve)
DrainedSao Mai (Rhys Fulber)
SubvertSpoon Eater (Rhys Fulber)
Follow the White CrowNablus (Kid Moxie)
Fake SpookIOshrine (Poly Face)
Move Dat[flesh]reactor (Poly Face)
CANNIBALISMUSBullet in the Head (Lutto Lento)
La CanopéeculteX (Private Press)
Undertow VelocitySkin<>Drifter (Private Press)
IIOI BreakYards of the Moon (Private Press)
Across the FloorRetinal Scam (Private Press)
GridflowRetinal Scam (Private Press)
VascularTar Hawk (Speed Dating feat. Horrid Charme)
On My Way to HellTinnitus (Połoz)
StackoverflowClockwork OS (Dos Era)
DarkretroDukes of Azure (Count)

106.9 30 Principales

Song TitleIn-Game Artist Name (Real Artist Name)
BamoKartel Sonoro (Konrad OldMoney feat. Frawst)
DaggaKartel Sonoro (Konrad OldMoney feat. Cerbeus and Johnny GR4VES)
Dinero7 Facas (Konrad OldMoney feat. Cerbeus)
Serpant7 Facas (Konrad OldMoney feat. Cerbeus and Johnny GR4VES)
Tatted on my FaceDon Mara (Konrad OldMoney feat. 37 Heartbreak)
BarrioBig Machete (Konrad OldMoney)
HoodChickychickas (Konrad OldMoney feat. Awrath)
Only SonChickychickas (Konrad OldMoney feat. 37 Heartbreak)
MuéveloPapito Gringo (David Rolas)
CumbiaPapito Gringo (David Rolas)
Muerto TrashFKXU (Konrad OldMoney feat. Blackheart NC)
Westcoast Til I DieDJ Choloz (Konrad OldMoney feat. Cerbeus)

107.3 Morro Rock Radio

Song TitleIn-Game Artist Name (Real Artist Name)
Suffer MeBrutus Backlash (The Cold Stares)
Heave HoXerzeX (Konrad OldMoney feat. Frawst)
I Will FollowBeached Tarantula (Snot Abundance)
Who’s Ready for TomorrowIBDY (RAT BOY)
LikewiseIBDY (RAT BOY)
Friday Night Fire FightRubicones (Aligns)
TraumaRubicones (Aligns)
Summer of 2069Blood and Ice (Metz)
TestmasterKrushchev’s Ghosts (Pissed Jeans)
Sustain/DecayCutthroat (Drivealone)
To the FullestArtificial Kids (The Unfit)
So It GoesFingers and The Outlaws (Man Man)
Never Fade AwaySamurai (Refused)
Black DogSamurai (Refused)
Chippin’ InSamurai (Refused)
The Ballad of Buck RaversSamurai (Refused)

107.5 Dark Star

Song TitleIn-Game Artist Name (Real Artist Name)
Choke holdMr. Kipper (Idris Elba)
HeadrushBADPANNINI (Backxwash)
Orbital InsertionNo Strings Attached (Hagop Tchaparian)
Cyko ArcticBWANA MUNGU (Lord Spikeheart, Chrisman)
Pierwszy raz naprawdęOLO Y (27.Fuckdemons)
NUCLEAR DREAMLANDDJ papergekko (julek ploski)
RollaMr. Kipper (Idris Elba)
fabrica KOSMOSHer Mashewsky (Kuba Wandacjpwocz)
dRkWalt Air (Krzysztof Freeze Ostrowski)
Minion SexMightonauts (T’len Lai)
Bigger CrimesDJ papergekko (julek ploski)
Memories of MzuzuŁotr (Połoz)

That covers the Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0 radio station list. For more, check out our pages on the Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0 file size and our guide on whether you should start a new Cyberpunk 2077 character for update 2.0 and Phantom Liberty.