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Cyber Monday LG C1 & C2 OLED TV deals at lowest ever price

LG C1 & LG C2 Cyber Monday Deals
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Following the Black Friday carnage, the LG C1 & LG C2 TV deals are still seeing great discounts for Cyber Monday.

We’re going to be closely following the prices as we expect great deals on all OLED TVs this Cyber Monday, though the LG C1 & LG C2 are already seeing great Cyber Monday deals.

Above is the BEST TV deal we’ve ever seen – with the LG C1 65-inch OLED TV only costing $1,299.99!

It’s only $10 more than the 55-inch version – essentially negating the need for the rest of the LG C1 series!

If you’re looking for the LG C2 – we’ve listed the best deals we’ve seen below.

You might consider the LG C2 if you’re looking for the latest model of LGs OLED TVs, however you might want to read WePCs TV review of the LG C1 if you’re on the fence about which to choose.

The LG C1 and LG C2 are both decked out with HDMI 2.1 ports – meaning that your next-gen gaming consoles will work on the TV, and the VRR and ALLM modes make these some of the best TVs for PS5 and best TVs for Xbox Series X.

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Are the LG C1 & LG C2 the best Cyber Monday 4K OLED TV deals for gaming?

If you’re looking for one of the best 4K OLED TVs for gaming with a Cyber Monday deal, the LG C1 and LG C2 have certainly pinged your radar.


LG’s flagship TVs are some of the best on the market now – with Samsung S95B and Sony A95K hot on their heels.

We’ve covered all three in the best TVs for gaming, in which the LG C2 consistently comes out on top. With all the gaming features including VRR and ALLM, you can’t set a foot wrong.

Are the LG C1 & LG C2 worth it on Cyber Monday?

When the LG C1 & LG C2 are discounted at prices upwards of $1,000, you can’t really step a foot wrong.

LG C1 65-inch Series OLED 4K UHD Smart webOS TV – was $2199.99 now $1,299.99

The LG C1 & LG C2 are definitely some of the best TVs you can pick up at a discount this year, with WePC’s TV and Monitor specialist claiming the following in his praising review of the LG C2:

As far as the price of this TV goes, you’d have to say that, once again, it displays excellent value for money. And yes, that is taking into consideration the fact that it retails for around $200 more than last year’s model at launch.

The new Evo OLED panel has been deployed in the LG C2 range and it’s clear to see the benefits that it brings to the table. The visual experience across numerous types of content was both stunning and immersive. The high refresh rate made gameplay and everyday viewing feel incredibly smooth, paring nicely with the VRR and ALLM features to create a artifact free visual experience.

Charlie Noon (WePC TV and Monitor specialist)