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Best Cyber Monday Sony Bravia TV deals

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Get ready for these Cyber Monday Sony Bravia TV deals that will change the game for watching TV, gaming and keeping up with the sports all in 4K.

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Cyber Monday is coming up, which means Sony Bravia TVs are about to be discounted big time. At present they are top tier quality TVs so finding them for up to 40% off will be difficult to resist.

We’ve gathered the top Sony Bravia TVs that will range in price, model, size and resolution. In other words, this list will cover all your bases so you can come away with your ideal TV at a discounted price. What’s not to like?

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Best Sony Bravia TV deals

Where to find the best Sony Bravia TV Cyber Monday deals?

We highly recommend clicking through our Cyber Monday Sony Bravia TV retailer shortlist. These retailers have been chosen for their reputation in offering quality discounts on some of the best tech available now. The deals will only get sweeter between now and Cyber Monday, so check the market prices now so you know when you’re getting a good deal.


If you want a quicker method for snapping up a Sony Bravia TV deal, then head to our deals section covering the best Cyber Monday Sony Bravia TV deals.

When will Cyber Monday Sony Bravia TV sales start in 2022?

As usual, Cyber Monday comes after Black Friday (November 25th) and this year falls on November 27th.

As you may have noticed, Cyber Monday is still some time away but this doesn’t mean there are no deals already out there! If you want to be sure of making the best possible savings on your TV, Keep up with the updates we make to this page in the run up to Cyber Monday.

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How to get the best Cyber Monday Sony Bravia TV deals in 2022?

You’ve come to the right place if you want to secure the best Cyber Monday Sony Bravia TV deals. Our simple advice is to browse through our recommended retailers list above to have a look at general prices, then check back on this page in the coming weeks as more deals emerge. That way you’ll know you haven’t missed any juicy limited time deals.

Features to consider when looking for a Sony Bravia TV Cyber Monday deal

Pay attention to resolution, refresh rate and panel type.

Resolution: Sony Bravia offers 4K so this feature is more of a given if you’re choosing this make of TV.

Refresh rate: If you’re gaming on PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, you’ll be wanting a 120Hz TV. The former links also offer additional TVs to consider for the best gaming experience.

Panel type: Panel types needn’t have their daunting technical reputation – we recommend choosing a Sony Bravia TV with an OLED panel that will provide a stunning display.

Why not consider the Sony Bravia X85K has lightning fast frame rates and is currently discounted by a whopping $1500.

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Cyber Monday Sony Bravia TV FAQs

What is the best Sony Bravia TV to buy?

Setting aside the chunky price, the Sony Bravia A95K is the best overall Sony Bravia TV.

How long do Sony Bravia TVs last?

Sony has an excellent reputation for durability so with heavy use from serious gamers, we estimate a good life span of up to 6 years.