Controversial The Finals gun is getting nerfed in update 2.6

Controversial The Finals gun is getting nerfed in update 2.6
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Embark has given us a preview of next week’s update. While it doesn’t provide a list of fixes that will be delivered, many fans will still be pleased by the singular preview for incoming balance changes. The developer has revealed that a weapon is getting nerfed/reworked in The Finals update 2.6, and many fans should be happy as it’s a controversial gun that players have long complained about.

Before next week’s updates come out, make sure to check out The Finals update 2.5.0 patch notes. This update doesn’t provide fixes for an unbelievable bug recently shared by the community nor does it fix a major issue worse than any other multiplayer game, but it does heavily buff the data reshaper while also adding detectors for players using cheating software.

While the latest patch notes share fixes and buffs, they also provide a preview of what to expect next week. We only know one incoming change, but fans will be glad that Embark is planning to rework the stun gun.

The Finals stun gun is getting reworked

Embark Studios has revealed that the stun gun is getting reworked in The Finals update 2.6. Below is the message included in the 2.5.0 patch notes:

‘Dev Note: We’re aware of player frustrations around being stunned by the Stun Gun and are planning some changes to get it to a better place. However, these changes require more testing before we deploy them so it will be update 2.6 before these arrive.’

We previously reported on the stun gun with fans labeling it ‘stupid’ and unfair to other players. The gist of the complaints was that the stun gun was OP with how it stuns melee players and makes it impossible for them to move, change weapons, or switch equipment, basically resulting in instant death. It was also regarded as cheap thanks to players exploiting the stun gun with stealth and invisibility. 

Reacting to the news of the incoming rework/nerf, most fans on Reddit are happy. There are some complaints that the Light class is already the weakest and is getting nerfed even more, but most fans agree that the stun gun was too OP and anti-fun.

In addition to the stun gun, Embark will also be introducing more changes to the Cloaking Device in update 2.6. Update 2.5.0 has increased the Cloaking Device’s activation cost from 14.2% to 33%, but Embark says they will be adding changes to the visibility of cloaked players in 2.6.

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The Finals is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.