CoD players celebrate ongoing cheater banning spree in MW2

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CoD players worldwide are celebrating the ongoing MW2 banning spree against in-game cheaters. This much needed purging was made possible due to the recent improvements made to the RICOCHET anti-cheat system, which can now detect third-party hardware devices such as the Cronus Zen controller converter.

For those unfamiliar, the Cronus Zen is one of many devices that can enhance a person’s performance through the use of mods and scripts. Once installed, these can affect several in-game elements, such as aim assist and weapon recoil, that make it infinitely easier to get kills and wins.

But with the anti-cheat system in MW2 now having the ability to detect the use of these devices, numerous hackers have apparently been getting banned before even logging into the game. According to one particular post on Reddit, the Discord communities for these third-party devices are currently in turmoil as those involved within are allegedly unable to use their accounts.

One observant user pointed out that they’re “glad to see people are actually getting banned” and not just warned. Although many commenters are still calling for a fix to the game’s broken report system, many are still rejoicing at the fact that rampant cheating is finally being addressed after months of having to suffer through lopsided losses. As a whole, this development is obviously good news for casual MW2 players as this could finally allow the community to enjoy fairer and more equal matches.

These enhancements to MW2 are coming at a crucial juncture in the game’s lifespan. With a night vision MP map set to be reintroduced in Season 3 and an anti-cheat cloaking feature already in place, players are starting to become increasingly optimistic with the game’s direction. Hopefully, Infinity Ward and Raven Software can keep this so the community can continue to enjoy the CoD experience.

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