CoD: Mobile Season 2 Release Time, Updates 

CoD: Mobile Season 2 Release Time, Updates 
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CoD: Mobile is coming back with a bang, as the game’s second season is about to drop. A whole host of new content will be arriving for CoD: Mobile players, and we’ll let you know exactly when it’ll be arriving. 

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CoD Mobile: Season 2 Updates 

Season 2 New Features

Season 2 is almost here to revitalize the CoD: Mobile experience. Fixes and balance changes will help keep the existing experience well-tuned, and a boatload of new content will be coming to the popular mobile shooter. 

Season 2 will be launching with new maps, modes, classes and much more. The title of the new season is Heavy Metal, and it’s sure to be as loud and impactful as its namesake. 

Season 2 New Content 

CoD Mobile Season 2 Weapons

The new season will launch alongside the Heavy Metal Battle Pass, including a wealth of new cosmetics, tools – including the brand-new Maddox Assault Rifle – and points for further purchases. 

The majority of season 2’s action will be taking place in the new multiplayer map, Diesel. A near-abandoned gas station baking in the desert heat, Diesel will surely see its fair share of pitched firefights. 

And if that’s not enough, Goliath Clash is an exciting new mech-based multiplayer mode. Pilot and upgrade Goliaths, capture and hold territory and defeat your opponents in style

New seasonal challenges and events will be coming throughout season 2, allowing you to unlock many more rewards as the season progresses. 

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CoD: Mobile – Season 2 Release Time 

CoD: Mobile Season 2 is set for launch on the 22nd of February at 4PM Pacific

There will not be any downtime required for the Season 2 update, so CoD fans can keep on playing right up until the new content launch and beyond. 

Be sure to jump into CoD: Mobile as soon as the new season drops, and you’ll be able to enjoy all the new additions as early as possible.