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Best Maps for Multiplayer in CoD Mobile

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The Call of Duty games might be well known for their extremely satisfying use of guns that can wreak havoc on the enemy team, but they’re equally known for their amazingly designed maps that allow players to utilize those guns perfectly.

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CoD Mobile, being a celebration of the franchise, has most of, if not all the maps over the years that players consider to be their favorites, but have you ever wondered which one of them are actually the best ones for multiplayer?

Well, we’re here to list down the seven best maps in CoD Mobile for multiplayer, so be sure to keep an eye out to see if your personal favorite made it to the list.


CoD Mobile Best Maps for Multiplayer: Crash

The first entry on this list is a map that many players must have sunk hours in before, both in CoD Mobile, as well as the first Modern Warfare where it was first introduced. Located in Basrah, Iraq, this is one of the more straightforward maps in the game, but it’s that straightforwardness that makes it so good.

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Because there are three lanes on the map and all of them are constantly full of action, Crash demands the player to constantly be on their feet if they want to survive for long.

Not only that, but it’s REALLY easy to get shot down by the enemy, and it’s equally easy to come across an enemy. Rushing is the name of the game when it comes to this map, so many players prefer grabbing an automatic gun and going all out instead of staying back and strategizing.

CoD Mobile Best Maps for Multiplayer: Cage

Being a map made specifically with CoD Mobile in mind, Cage is one multiplayer map that doesn’t have a hint of nostalgia attached to it but still manages to deliver a thrilling experience every single time.

Although it’s a little on the smaller side, it’s riddled with choke points that encourage players to go in guns blazing all the while looking at any corners.

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Camp in one place on this map for too long in a free for all multiplayer game, and you’ll eventually get overwhelmed by the number of enemies that will eventually find their way toward you.

The smaller size also compliments the rather limited control scheme of CoD mobile as well, especially when you take into consideration that most players don’t use a controller and instead use the on screen touch controls.

CoD Mobile Best Maps for Multiplayer: Terminal

If you grew up playing CoD, specifically Modern Warfare 2, then you must have sunk countless hours on the Terminal map, and that too for good reasons. Not only is this map extremely memorable because of the controversial ‘No Russians’ mission, but it’s also quite open with lots of options to choose from.

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Do you want a gunfight with little to no cover done in an open area? Then you can go outside the airport where you’ll find just that. The tarmac, the departure hall, various indoor areas, heck you can even fight inside a PLANE. This variety of both indoor and outdoor fights is what makes this map so good for multiplayer.

CoD Mobile Best Maps for Multiplayer: Hijacked

Now, you might either be wondering why this entry wasn’t higher on the list, or you might be telling yourself it should have been lower, and because of this same division of opinions, we figured putting Hijacked at the center of this list was the best thing to do.

First introduced in Call of Duty Black Ops 2, the game regarded by many as the greatest CoD game ever, Hijacked is a run and gun map in nature.

The biggest reason for this is that there are so many corners that are completely blind, because of which if you’re too slow or too predictable, you can find yourself infuriated with one more death on your match K/D/A.

CoD Mobile Best Maps for Multiplayer: Summit

Yet another map first introduced in the Black Ops series, Summit is one of the more unique maps in the sense that half of the map is a danger zone where one wrong step can lead to you falling off the, well, summit.

Close range and high intensity gun fights are the norms in this map, which is exactly what CoD Mobile prides itself in delivering. There are also multiple ways to flank the enemy team, with one straight path leading right to the other team’s spawn.

CoD Mobile Best Maps for Multiplayer: Rust

While the other maps on this list were here because of their unpredictable nature, the last two entries are here because you always know what to expect. With Rust, you can be one of two players.

The first type of players is those who prefer close range and high intensity gunfights, because of which chances are we’ll find you trying to navigate the ins and outs of the map while being constantly on your feet.

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The second type of players, however, are those who would rather brush up on their quick scoping skills by grabbing a sniper and taking shots at whoever they see. After all, Rust is infamous for its one vs one sniper only matches.

Regardless of what play style you choose, one thing is for certain, and that’s the fact that no place is safe in Rust. You never know when you’ll get shot down, even if you think you’re safe.

CoD Mobile Best Maps for Multiplayer: Nuketown

The best map in CoD Mobile is Nuketown. That’s it, the list is over. After all, Nuketown is a map that really doesn’t need any introduction or explanation, as it’s a fan favorite map that has been in almost every CoD game since it was introduced in Black Ops 1, and has been seen more than any other map has.

This claustrophobic map is legendary for its non stop gunfights and the fact that it’s completely symmetrical, meaning that regardless of where you end up spawning, you won’t have any advantages or disadvantages.

As it was with Rust, when you load into a multiplayer match on Nuketown, you know exactly what to expect. Little to no cover, players on their feet constantly, bullets flying everywhere, and bodies dropping like flies.

Final Thoughts

These were the best maps for multiplayer in CoD mobile. Of course, this isn’t to say that any map not on this list is bad, but every entry on this list has something unique and memorable that makes them stand out as some of the best.