Warzone Mobile isn’t even out yet but is already breaking records

Warzone Mobile isn’t even out yet but is already breaking records
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Warzone Mobile is not out but is already making a huge impact.

According to Activision, Warzone Mobile has become the fastest Activision, Blizzard and King mobile game to top 15 million pre-registrations on Google Play. And it doesn’t stop there.

Each time a milestone is reached, Activision will reward the community.

The company has since promised that the Emblem: Dark Familiar and Vinyl: Foe’s Flame as well as the X12 Prince of Hell Blueprint and M4 – Archfiend Weapon Blueprints will be available when the game launches.

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If the next milestone is hit, 25 million pre-registrations, then more rewards will become unlocked. Although the next one is a ‘mystery’.

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Warzone Mobile will once again be set in Verdansk, but how it makes its transition to mobile in terms of map size is yet to be revealed.

Elsewhere, gamers are gearing up for the launch of Modern Warfare 2, after a highly successful beta broke records and became the biggest beta in the franchise’s history.

Modern Warfare 2 is set to launch on October 28 on PS, Xbox and PC.