Cobra Kai Season 5 – Latest News, Release Date, Trailer, And Clips

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The latest trailer for Cobra Kai Season 5 is here and there is, A Lot, to unpack in this latest action packed trailer.

Read on for a breakdown of everything revealed in this latest trailer and the implications that these latest reveals have for the Karate Kid/Cobra Kai universe.

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Latest News on Cobra Kai Season 5


“Cobra Kai” Co-Creator and Executive Producer, Jon Hurwitz, tweeted out last night that Season 5 was the Number 1 watched show on Netflix for the week of September 5th to September 11th (its first week of release) with a total of 106,700,000 hours watched by Netflix viewers over that week:

Credit: Jon Hurwitz Twitter


Netflix have announced via the official “Cobra Kai” social media channels that “Cobra Kai: Unlocked”, a Netflix Geeked After Show discussing the events of Season 5 with the cast and crew will be aired today from 2pm BST/ 9am ET/ 6am PT exclusively on Netflix:

Credit: Official Cobra Kai Twitter


In an exclusive interview with Collider, Cobra Kai showrunners, Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg, had this to say about their plans for Season 6 should they get a renewal from Netflix for another season:

“We have a few more tricks up our sleeve for where we go from here, but it does get bigger every year. And we’re trying at all times to make sure we’re not plagiarizing ourselves at this point. You know, we’ve had tournament fights, we’ve had all-out, you know, riots. We’ve had fights on multiple platforms and places in terms of… Season 3 had multiple fights going on within one episode. [Season 5] is probably the most wall-to-wall fighting we’ve had in a finale. And we wanted to make sure we were containing that, you know, once again, with these moments that you really feel… you want to feel every one-on-one, every two-on-one, every 10-on-10. It’s always conducting the orchestra and feeling, when do the cannons go off, and it’s full Tchaikovsky, fireworks, and when it’s an oboe solo.”


As confirmed on the show’s official Twitter page below, Cobra Kai Season 5 is out now with the full season of 10 episodes available to stream now, exclusively on Netflix:

Credit: Cobra Kai Twitter


The trailer for the upcoming Cobra Kai 2: Dojo’s Rising videogame has just released via exclusive reveal, and gives us our first look at the gameplay of this sequel to the fun original Cobra Kai beat ’em up videogame released in October 2020:

Credit: IGN YouTube

The game is due for release this Fall/Autumn on PC/Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, and X-Box Series X/S.


Netflix have just released another clip from Season 5 and this one is one that has actually been teased throughout the trailers for this season. As it is the universe advertisement created by Silver to advertise his new era of Cobra Kai:

Credit: Netflix YouTube


As we get another day closer to Cobra Kai Season 5’s release on 09/09/2022, Netflix continues to build anticipation, releasing another short clip from the upcoming season, this time focusing on Miyagi-Do’s Daniel and Chozen:

Credit: Netflix YouTube

This clip is built around a very subtle but incredibly interesting lore drop for the Karate Kid/Cobra Kai universe. As Chozen explains and then demonstrates to Daniel how Sensei Kim Sun-Yung’s style of Karate, The Way of the Fist, was a controversial style of Karate as it was based on deception with no honour and no mercy.

Now, before I delve into this further, a quick reminder that Sensei Sun-Yung is the man who taught the American soldiers his style of Karate during the Korean War, the same style that was then taught to a young Kreese and Silver, leading them to forming Cobra Kai upon their return to America after the war.

So, returning to Chozen explaining to Daniel that the style is based on deception with no honour and no mercy. This fits perfectly with everything we’ve seen of this style in Karate Kid: Part I, Karate Kid: Part III, and Cobra Kai Seasons 1 to 4. As the motto of Cobra Kai is famously “Strike Hard, Strike First, No Mercy”, as shown in their dojo logo below:


With each new look at Season 5 further confirming just how important legacy is going to be this season, with the legacy of Sensei Sun-Yung as shown through his granddaughter, Sensei Da-Eun, and the teachings of Cobra Kai from Silver and Kreese.

Compared then to the legacy of the Miyagi family style of Karate as seen through Miyagi-Do and the teachings of Mr Miyagi’s father which was passed down from Mr Miyagi to Daniel, and from Mr Miyagi, and Chozen’s Uncle Sato, to Chozen. As each dojo then passes their respective teachings and ideologies to their students who, as we’ve seen, are continuing quite literally, the clash of opposing ideologies from their respective dojo’s.

It makes the wait, even though it’s only days away now, that much longer. As this season with its focus on legacy across the generations, is shaping up to be both the best season of Cobra Kai yet, and the most dramatic.


Thanks to the below tweet from Cobra Kai co-creator Hayden Schlossberg, we now know the names of the other Cobra Kai senseis who will be joining Sensei Da-Eun in Season 5:

Credit: Hayden Schlossberg Twitter


Credit: Netflix YouTube

Netflix have released their above clip from Cobra Kai Season 5, titled aptly “Legacy”. It shows Cobra Kai leader and co-founder Terry Silver welcoming Sensei Kim Da-Eun to the United States telling her that he wants her to test his students limits and that she will have full autonomy to do so as one of the many benefits he offers as his business partner in Cobra Kai.

However, we see Sensei Da-Eun politely refuse this offer as she tells Silver that money is not the reason that she flew all the way to America. To which Silver replies that the partnership stake is just a number and what he is really offering is legacy. Which then leads to a subtle but major reveal of Sensei Da-Eun’s identity that will have major implications for the story of Season 5.

As Silver then tells her that her grandfather didn’t teach American soldiers the way of the fist just to use on the battlefield. He then implores that they need to share her grandfather’s style with the world, to which Sensei Da-Eun asks Silver if he thinks his students are up to the task, to which he replies he does, ending the clip.

With this clip and Silver’s dialogue in particular, we now know that Sensei Da-Eun is not just a formidable Karate teacher but she is also the granddaughter of Sensei Kim Sun-Yung. The man who taught Captain George Turner (played in Cobra Kai Season 4 by Terry Serpico) who would then go on to teach Sensei Sun-Yung’s Way of the Fist style to a young John Kreese (played by Barrett Carnahan) and young Terry Silver (played by Nick Marini) when they served as part of his covert US military unit during the Vietnam War.

This reveal adds even greater depth and drama to Season 5’s core conflict of the ideals and goals of Cobra Kai versus the more peaceful ideals of Miyagi-Do. As with the introduction of Sensei Da-Eun, we now have a direct link to the founder of the Cobra Kai style in opposition to Daniel and Chozen, who through Daniel’s link as a surrogate son to Mr Miyagi, and Chozen, who learned the style from his Uncle Sato, who learned it directly from Mr Miyagi’s father alongside Mr Miyagi when they were boys, representing the Miyagi style of Okinawan Karate.

It’s not long now till Season 5’s release and with reveals like this, that wait just becomes harder and harder as the excitement grows for the next chapter in the battle of Miyagi-Do against Cobra Kai.


Credit: Netflix Geeked Twitter

Netflix have just released the above brand new poster showing all of Season 5’s main characters with Daniel and Johnny front and center along with a smirking Terry Silver looming menacingly above them, befitting his role as the main antagonist of Season V as he seeks to expand Cobra Kai’s reach.

To the left of Daniel, we see his old foe turned ally, Chozen, standing stoically. While, to the right of Johnny we see his and Daniel’s respective partners, Carmen and Amanda.

Then, on Silver’s left, we see Season 4 Cobra Kai recruit Kyler along with the as yet still unnamed new Cobra Kai recruit glimpsed in several quick shots in the latest trailer.

While on Silver’s right, we see new Cobra Kai Sensei Kim Da-Eun, and Cobra Kai star pupil, Tory.

At the bottom then of the poster, from left to right, we see Hawk, Miguel, Sam, Robby, and Demetri all in fighting stances.

With only a few short weeks now till the series’ release, be sure to keep checking back here for all the latest updates.

Cobra Kai Season 5 release date and where to watch

As confirmed already by Netflix and re-affirmed at the end of this latest trailer. Season 5 debuts exclusively on Netflix on Friday 9th September.

As the show is now a Netflix Original, it is most likely to be released worldwide on 9th September at 00:00 PT/ 03:00 ET/ 08:00 BST/ 12:30 IST/ 17:00 AEST with all ten episodes of the season available at release.

Trailer Breakdown – What does it all mean

Credit: Netflix YouTube

The trailer starts with a shot of Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Machio) and Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) in the living room of Daniel’s home talking about their enemy and founding member of Cobra Kai, Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), and his plans for Cobra Kai in the wake of the events of the Season 4 Finale.

We then see brief glimpses of Silver on Daniel’s television in a (presumably news) clip from the 51st Annual All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament (seen in the finale of Season 4).

Then a shot of Silver about to give a talk on his philanthropy followed by shots of him in the Cobra Kai dojo watching his students train.

The trailer then reveals a key bit of information for this next chapter in the saga. As we find out that Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) has given up being a sensei after his and Daniel’s students defeat at the hands of Silver’s students.

As a result, he is now working as a ride share driver (Uber, Lift, trailer doesn’t specify who he’s working for or if he’s independent).

But, Johnny being Johnny, he has as little time for the entitled attitudes of the Valley’s wealthier residents as he had in the first episode of Season 1.

As we see him getting one passenger’s name wrong, followed by yelling at another passenger for giving him a 1 star review as he defiantly tells them that his car smells of beer because it’s full of beer.

Also, in case there was any doubt that the ride share car is his, it’s emblazoned on both sides with the Eagle Fang dojo.

Next we’re shown Daniel addressing his Miyagi-Do students in the back garden of the late Mr Miyagi’s home where Daniel has been teaching his students since Season 1.

A sombre Daniel advises his assembled students, including his daughter Sam (Mary Mouser), Hawk (Jacob Bertrand), and Demetri (Gianni DiCenzo) that he is shutting down Miyagi-Do Karate.

Sam approaches her father and tells him that he can’t do this, to which Daniel replies, that with Johnny gone, it’s on him to fix things. A belief, based on this trailer, that appears to be Daniel’s prime motivator for this season.

As after another shot of Johnny driving a ride share passenger, we see more snippets of the Cobra Kai dojo students training, including our first glimpse of Peyton List’s Tory, and Joe Seo’s Kyler. Followed by a shot of Kenny (played by Dallas Dupree Young) as he hands out Cobra Kai flyers at school.

Next we see a shot of Miguel’s mother, Carmen (played by Vanessa Rubio) finding a Cobra Kai flyer among her mail.

Followed then by a series of shots teasing another of Season 5’s big story points, that Silver is making good on his chilling promise to Kreese (at the end of Season 4) to expand Cobra Kai. As he advises his assembled students that Cobra Kai has more students than ever before, so he will need more senseis.

This brings us to the trailer’s reveal of some of the new characters entering the show, most prominently, Sensei Kim Da-Eun (played by Alicia Hannah-Kim) as she steps off a luxury private jet to meet Silver with Silver’s voiceover promising that he is thinking a lot bigger than just the valley.

We then see Daniel’s son, Anthony (played by Griffin Santopietro), being attacked at water park by Kenny and a group of other Cobra Kai students.

This attack catches the attention of the Miyagi-Do students in attendance including Hawk, Miguel (played by Xolo Maridueña), and Sam, with Hawk then seen defending against strikes from Kenny.

But they’re not the only ones at the park as we also see a glimpse of Johnny’s son, Robby (played by Tanner Buchanan), as he witnesses what’s happening.

The trailer then cuts to quick glimpses of a face off between old rivals Miguel and Robby before cutting to another scene showing Johnny trying to play peacemaker between them only to be told by Miguel and Robby that their not friends and they never will be.

Following this we see a glimpse of an intense fight between Robby and Miguel before cutting to a close up of a map showing showing Cobra Kai dojos before cutting again to a wide shot revealing that it is an LaRusso Auto’s map of the valley surrounded by Johnny, Chozen, Daniel, and his wife Amanda (played by Courtney Henggeler) .

From this map we can see that Silver has now opened 9, possibly 15, different Cobra Kai dojos across the valley since the ending of Season 4.

Chozen’s voiceover then sombrely warns that if Silver’s expansion continues, all that they have fought for will not even be memories.

We then see a shot of Daniel throwing a cover over the Miyagi-Do sign followed by Tory and another student taking fighting stances against Sensei Da-Eun followed by Silver telling Sensei Da-Eun that he needs her to see which of his students are ready to take the next step.

The trailer then cuts to a training exercise between Tory and another student with Tory beating the student with a surprise kick before she herself is surprised by a strike from Sensei Da-Eun.

Next we are shown a heated argument between Daniel and Amanda while Chozen is shown standing in one of the Cobra Kai Dojos surrounded by 6 other adult martial artists before then being shown defeating one of them.

After this we’re shown a dishevelled and despondent Daniel looking at a photo of his family before cutting to a quick shot of Johnny lying on the floor before angrily closing a laptop showing a Silver led Cobra Kai advert.

As we hear Johnny’s voice advise that all they’ve got to do is get their hands dirty, we see him arriving at the LaRusso home meeting Sam, Amanda, and Chozen.

The trailer then teases a potentially dark road for Daniel this season as we see Silver warn him that if he continues down the path he is on, nothing will be the same.

Followed by shots of Daniel, his face clearly bruised from a fight, standing in the Miyagi-Do garden with Johnny and Chozen.

Before showing Johnny and Chozen arriving at a Cobra Kai dojo to teach the sensei within a lesson. Could he be the one who gave Daniel his bruises?

Then we’re given a glimpse of Chozen training the Miyagi-Do students, followed by a glimpse of Robby and Sam recreating their Wheel Technique training from Season 2.

Followed by Tory and another Cobra Kai student given a demonstration, leading to a shot of Sensei Da-Eun flanked by her fellow senseis.

Leading then to blink and you’ll miss them glimpses of Johnny and Chozen preparing to fight the Cobra Kai sensei, Hawk fighting Kenny in a Cobra Kai dojo, Tory and her fellow student fighting Sensei Da-Eun, Sam fighting another member of Miyagi-Do in the Cobra Kai dojo.

Kenny jumping over another student at a sensei. Robby, Miguel, and Hawk training together at Miyagi-Do, Daniel and Silver squaring off, before cutting to the shows title.

But that trailer doesn’t end there, oh no, it has one finally reveal to tease. The return of Martin Kove’s original Cobra Kai Sensei, John Kreese.

We see Kreese speaking with a prison official speaking about how well he is getting on with his fellow inmates, intercut with scenes of Kreese beating another inmate senseless while other inmates watch.

With that the trailer then ends, cutting to the Netflix logo and reconfirming the release date of September 9th.

Also, because this is a Cobra Kai trailer, of course there’s a Classic Rock track playing throughout the trailer, and just in case you were unsure what it was. It’s Judas Priest’s iconic rock anthem, You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’.

Credit: Judas Priest YouTube

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