Catherine FB confirmed for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

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The Japanese arm of Atlus has announced that it’s to bring weird hybrid adventure puzzler Catherine to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in an all new ‘Full Bodied’ version.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Catherine is ostensibly an adventure game, which sees you take control of Vincent, a man who’s feeling like his relationship with his long time girlfriend Katherine (with a K) is getting to be too much pressure when a young woman named Catherine (with a C) comes into his life to shake things up further. At the same time, a mysterious fate is befalling young men as more are turning up dead not long after they’ve been committing infidelity. Despite this somewhat narrative heavy setup, the game is then also a action block -puzzler. Trust us, it’s very difficult to explain, but our review does a pretty decent job.

Catherine FB sounds as if it’ll be a little bit more than a straight port, as Japanese outlet Famitsu (translated by Kotaku) reports that Persona 5 director Katsura Hashino is in charge and is changing up the original’s story by adding a third Catherine to the game. How this’ll play out and if there’s any changes to the puzzle side of proceedings remains to be seen.

Atlus for its part has announced on the website they’ve set up for the game that it is set to reveal more in a livestream on Friday December 22, if you can understand Japanese. Fingers crossed there’ll be a Western release on the cards soon. 

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