Capcom has set tongues wagging with a listing on the E3 exhibitor website confirming that it's showcasing a mysterious action-adventure game at the show. While that might not sound particularly earth-shattering, it's curious that the game is only listed for PC, Switch, and Xbox One; no PlayStation 4 version appears to be on the cards.

An obvious candidate for fitting into that genre would be Resident Evil 2 Remake, although we can't really see why on earth they wouldn't bring the game to Sony's console. On the other hand, there's a possibility it might be a new Dead Rising game; the last one didn't come to PS4 until a year after its initial Xbox One debut, and we know Capcom Vancouver is working on a new title.

Of course, it could be a brand new IP entirely, or just an honest mistake; we won't find out until June. On a side note, it's about time we saw something on Resi 2 regardless of what platform(s) it's on, as the game hasn't been seen in any shape or form since its announcement almost three years ago.

There's also mention of a fighting game for PS4 and PC, although given the platforms there's a possibility it could be related to Street Fighter 5. 

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