Call of Duty 2024 Verdansk rumors explained for Warzone return

Call of Duty 2024 Verdansk rumors explained for Warzone return
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The new Call of Duty installment this year will ultimately replace Modern Warfare 3 when it comes to integration with the main Warzone experience. This happens every year as the new replaces the old. What’s especially exciting is that rumors indicate Call of Duty 2024 will see the return of Verdansk to Warzone for players to enjoy once again.

We have a hub discussing all of the known leaks and rumors so far for Call of Duty 2024. This includes over 100 leaked guns, perks, and killstreaks, details about zombies, and information that suggests the campaign is poised to be the best ever in the historic CoD franchise.

There is also a possibly leaked release window for the beta, and the game is expected to land in the fall as is traditional of the series. It’s natural that fans are pumped for a new CoD installment, but fans should also be anticipating the long-awaited return of Verdansk.

Call of Duty 2024 Verdansk rumors explained

Prominent leaker, Tom Henderson, has reported for Insider Gaming that the original Verdansk map for Warzone is set to return by the end of this year. According to the report, it will come back with the launch of Season 1 of Call of Duty 2024.

The new CoD installment for this year is rumored to be called Black Ops Gulf War. It’s expected to be released in October, and the expectation is for Season 1 to come out in December as is again series tradition.

As for which version of the original Verdansk map will return, all the report says is that a source implied it will be from a ‘fan-favorite season’. This doesn’t really give too much of an indicator, but the return of Verdansk to Warzone is still exciting nonetheless.

In addition to Insider Gaming, CharlieIntel reports that they have heard Verdansk is returning to Warzone following the release of CoD 2024, too.

Although it’s not in the main battle royale experience on console or PC, you can play Verdansk in Warzone Mobile. Speaking about the return of Verdansk to Warzone Mobile earlier this year, Activision’s blog post acknowledged ‘players have been eager to get back to the city where it all started’.

Of course, the return of Verdansk to Warzone is not confirmed so is only rumors as of writing. It’s important to acknowledge that everything else is merely rumors and unconfirmed leaks too from the Gulf War setting to a leaked perk bound to upset fans.

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