Call of Duty player reaches 10th prestige in most unbelievable way

Call of Duty player reaches 10th prestige in most unbelievable way
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Call of Duty is one of the most popular and competitive multiplayer video game franchises of all time. The community often prides itself on their individual rankings along with their kill/death statistics and ratios. While many of the CoD community pride themselves on having lots of kills, one Call of Duty player has reached 10th prestige without killing anyone over 400 games.

Expect big changes in the newest Call of Duty installment set to come out this year. We have a hub discussing all of the known leaks and rumors so far, and these include over 100 leaked guns, perks, and killstreaks, as well as leaked details about zombies that should excite fans who were disappointed by Modern Warfare 3.

While Black Ops Gulf War will reportedly be revealed very soon, right now the community is enjoying Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone multiplayer. The battlefields are vastly populated and competitive every day, but you don’t need the most kills to be the best player.

Call of Duty player reaches 10th prestige without killing anyone

Taking to Reddit, Call of Duty player Pilgore1 has shared their Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer statistics. They have reached 10th prestige while playing just over three days and three hours across 486 games. And, during all of these games, they have not killed a single person.

In the replies, many users were amazed. One user commented ‘I’m actually mind blown looking at this… you didn’t kill ONE MAN,’ to which the OP humorously replied, ‘I only killed their win streak’.

As for how they achieved this incredible feat, the OP has said in the replies that they mostly play Hardpoint and Domination while ‘Shooting down everything and spamming UAV/CUAV (and sometimes EMP or Advanced UAV) all match’.

For their loadout, they use a Riot shield and ‘Stormender/LMG for shooting killstreaks’ along with ‘Decoy grenades and DDOS for easy points to help get scorestreaks’.

As for whether they ever have the urge to kill anyone, they claim to have ‘way too much patience’. Lastly, while they have achieved a perfect pacifist run with 0 kills, their total deaths is ‘9,003 deaths and 541 score per minute’.

This is an incredible accomplishment and, as the results show, is clearly a method that works for them. For 99% of players a pacifist run is unthinkable, especially in Call of Duty, so it’s surprising to sell it pulled off while also achieving 10th prestige. Bravo.

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