BioWare confirms Mary DeMarle will be working on the next Mass Effect

BioWare confirms Mary DeMarle will be working on the next Mass Effect
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Bioware has confirmed that its newest hire – Mary DeMarle – will indeed be working on the next Mass Effect game.

Following yesterday’s story about the former Eidos Montreal veteran joining BioWare, project director Michael Gamble confirmed the appointment on Twitter. “I’m really excited to let you know that Mary DeMarle will be joining the Mass Effect team as Senior Narrative Director. You’ve seen her work in Guardians of the Galaxy & Deus Ex (to name a few!). She’s amazing!”

It came to light that DeMarle had joined BioWare following an update to her LinkedIn page over the weekend. However, it was unclear which titles from the RPG studio she’d be working on. Of course, with her high profile roles on a couple of major sci-fi properties it makes sense the studio would want her sticking around in the genre. However, she’s also worked on the story of games like Dungeon Siege II: Broken World, so a turn in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf wasn’t out of the question.

On the next Mass Effect then, the most recent update we had on the new sci-fi adventure came back in November of last year. We got a poster which appeared to show a giant crater shaped like the series’ famous Geth – a species of robots with a shared AI consciousness. There were also four tiny figures, and a mysterious corpse. It wasn’t a huge amount, but it’s been enough to keep fans guessing.

Given the story was one of the high points of both post-2011 Deus Ex games and Guardians of the Galaxy, we’re looking forward to seeing what DeMarle will bring to a new Mass Effect. It’s still quite a way off, but in the meantime there’s still the classic Mass Effect series to explore in both original and Legendary Edition flavours.