Battlefield 2042 patch notes 5.2.0 set to introduce revamped Hourglass map

Battlefield 2042 patch notes 5.2.0 set to introduce revamped Hourglass map
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A new set of Battlefield 2042 patch notes has been released by DICE and the latest update will apparently feature the developer’s final map rework. Fans of the EA published FPS entry should already be familiar with the area that’s set to be brought back into the game as the revamped Hourglass map will finally be reintroduced into the rotation following a wave of complaints from the community.

According to EA and DICE’s official announcement post, the main changes that players will see upon dropping into the sand-filled map include an update to Village, which sees the once quiet section turned into a fortified military base, a “complete overhaul” to the Al Wadha Arches, as well as significant improvements to the Bridge, Security Checkpoint, and Downtown areas that gives operators more defensive positions to play out of.

Aside from the latest Battlefield 2042 patch notes bringing in a revamped Hourglass map, though, the update also introduces plenty of changes to Vault Weapon attachments and Squad Orders. According to the developer’s notes, “the P90, AKS-74U, PP-2000, M60E4, XM8 LMG, M240B, Type 88 LMG, and the RPK-74M have also had their damage curves, dispersion, recoil behavior, and accuracy tweaked to feel more consistent with All-Out Warfare counterparts as viable and competitive options.”

On the other hand, updates to Squad Orders will now allow leaders to “issue attack or defend orders toward objectives.” If you feel your leader isn’t performing up to par, you’ll also be able “to take leadership duties from them if your order requests are not being acted upon.” A Lock Squad feature has also been included as part of this update, which allows team leaders to better manage their squads effectively.

Here are the rest of the fixes and minor updates that have been included with the patch.

Battlefield 2042 patch notes v5.2.0

The Battlefield 2042 patch notes for update 5.2.0 also contains fixes to numerous audio, gameplay, weapon, and map issues, all of which you’ll be able to check out below:



  • Fixed an issue where the sliding sound would play endlessly if a player was killed while sliding.
  • Fixed an audio issue that resulted in no impact sounds when hit by certain weapons while inside of an air vehicle.
  • Subsonic ammo will no longer have bullet crack sounds.
  • Sundance now will play a Voice Over when requesting or skipping a revive.
  • Decreased the volume of the late reflection sounds of Crawford’s Mounted Vulcan.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Irish’s DC-2 Deployable Cover to not play any audio when being destroyed.
  • Melee attacking friendly players in the head no longer plays a bullet colliding sound. We still don’t recommend stabbing your friends in the head though.
  • Improved the audio impact for the EMP Grenade.

Soldier & AI

  • The Penguins had placed grease on some of the ladders which resulted in Specialists losing control of themselves when using them. We told the penguins that these objects were ladders and not slides. They reluctantly agreed to clean up their mess.
  • Fixed an issue that caused directional arrows to allied soldiers and vehicles to always be present even if they were in view of the player.

Battlefield Portal

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in long names for Custom Experiences not properly being framed during the loading screen.
  • The Teleport Block for MCOMs will now correctly function on Flashpoint.
  • Updated Game Mode iconography to correctly reflect icons within My Experiences Tab.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the BC2 Armored Transport vehicles to have the wrong icon.



  • Resolved an issue that allowed for Sundance to fly outside of the play area.


  • Custom Conquest is now available within Battlefield Portal!



  • Attackers will no longer be able to see if Defenders are defusing MCOMs through the displayed iconography, and Defenders will be unable to see when Attackers are arming.
    • Dev Comment: There was too much reliance on this mechanic to indicate when to run in and counter the enemy. We wish to encourage objective awareness rather than icon reliance.
  • Made improvements to the retreat timer and fall back messaging for Defenders. 

Specialists & Gadgets

  • Bushes no longer block players from interacting with dropped weapons and deployed gadgets.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Hazard Zone call-in tablet to auto-cancel the first call-in.
  • Fixed an issue that caused post-explosion smoke VFX to not appear for players who were not facing the explosion at the point it went off.

Ammo Crate

  • Ammo Crates now have a shared supply cooldown between other deployed ammo crates.
  • Ammo & Medic Crates will now have a recharge time of 16 seconds, down from 30.
  • Ammo Crates will now supply every 15, instead of 20 seconds.
  • Ammo Crates now give an extra magazine to both primary and secondary weapons.
    • Dev Comment: We have made these changes for a couple reasons, one being that we want to reduce instances where players are instantly gaining masses of supplies from multiple crates in a short period of time. The second being that we’ve heard your feedback about crate cooldowns being too long, with the aforementioned change this allows us to lower this without breaking game balance.

Anti-Tank Grenade

  • Fixed an issue where Anti-Tank grenades could bounce off a vehicle without detonation while the vehicle was moving away from the thrower.


  • Fixed an issue where C5 could bounce off other C5 that was already attached to a target.
  • Made improvements towards some cases where throwing C5 at fast moving vehicles would often not stick.
  • You can no longer interact with or pick up C5s and Claymores through large foliage structures such as tree trunks.


  • Fixed an issue where an active APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel could intercept the same projectile twice.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Rao’s CyberSuite Warfare device to continually switch between targets when aiming at vehicles.

Smoke Grenade

  • The Smoke Grenade is now unlocked by default, at level 1, we have also changed the default grenade of the Recon and Support Classes to be the Smoke Grenade instead of the Frag Grenade.
    • Dev Comment: With this change we’re hoping to educate new players with the importance of Smoke Grenades when it comes to the aforementioned classes. Smoke Grenades are your friends when it comes to support actions and concealment!

SPH Explosive Launcher

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to be able to go prone when stuck with the SPH Explosive Launchers projectile to negate the damage entirely.

Throwing Knife

  • Fixed an issue where the Throwing Knives icon would sometimes appear behind a target if they were moving.
  • Fixed an issue where Throwing Knives wouldn’t move with automatic doors when they open or close.


  • The Fire Mode indicator is now only visible for Marksman Rifles when underbarrels are equipped and active.
  • Fixed an issue that made recoil control when firing at a Dozer shield not replicate properly sometimes
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to move slower than intended when aiming with the XCE Bar and BSV-M.
  • Fixed numerous Laser Sight VFX alignment issues on weapons.
  • The NVK-FSN Holo now has the intended reticule.
  • Fixed the weapon firing animation on the NVK-P125.
  • Fixed an issue that caused over exposure of the players surroundings when firing full auto with the ACOG 4x Scope.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera to snap when swapping from or to various weapons while prone.

Dispersion Tweaks

Developer Note: Similar to recent dispersion changes made to Assault Rifles, SMGs and LMGs have now also received tweaks to their dispersion rates, alongside general dispersion improvements across weaponry:

  • SMGs now have a higher starting dispersion, but their maximum dispersion and the rate at which it is reached is now comparable to Assault Rifles
  • The rate at which dispersion increases and the minimum dispersion while moving has been increased for LMGs
  • Fixed an issue that was stopping dispersion penalties from being applied correctly while moving under specific circumstances. These are now being applied as designed and should provide a more consistent and fair experience for all players.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with calculated weapon dispersion when the player is moving.
  • Vault SMGs have had their spread and shooting behavior tuned to make them more consistent and viable against All-Out Warfare alternatives.
  • Bipods’ are now more effective against dispersion and recoil on LMGs to compensate for these changes


  • Fixed an issue with the roll rate of the F-35E Panther after using VTOL mode. The SU-57 FELON has also received some roll rate resolutions.
  • Radar Missiles should no longer lock onto Stealth Helicopters, or hit through flares – this may still happen in close ranges due to vicinity of vehicle and flare activation.
  • Passengers will now get hints such as when to reload.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the LCAA Hovercraft, Mi-240 Super Hind and MV-38 Condor to not have functional directional exiting.
  • Added directional exit to ground vehicles allowing you to exit these vehicles from the direction you are looking at.
  • Added additional exit points to the back of the combat ground vehicles to allow you to exit behind the vehicle if you want to.
  • Fixed an issue that caused tank turrets to twitch when turning the tank with decoupled aim enabled while giving target lock input.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a second shot (purely visual, no damage) of the 20mm Flak to appear in third-person even if one shot had been fired.
  • Fixed an issue that caused victims of the EMKV90-TOR’s railcannon to not have any visual feedback of the projectiles trail
  • Fixed an long standing issue that resulted in a black screen being present when switching between Zoom In and Zoom Out on vehicles, as well as opening menus within vehicles. Hopefully this is the last we see of this one!
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the vehicle weapon’s blue bracketed crosshair to not be aligned with barrel direction when the vehicle was moving.
  • Fixed missing impact sound on some vehicle weapons including the Flak 20mm and 30mm cannon of Wildcat

As always, you can check out these Battlefield 2042 patch notes by heading over to the game’s official website.