Apex Legends Storm Point
Ben Borthwick by on Oct 25, 2021

Apex Legends shows off its new beach themed Storm Point map

Battle royale shooter Apex Legends has shown off the Storm Point map in a new trailer for the upcoming Escape season.

Further details on the Apex Legends blog reveal that Storm Point is a former IMC research base. It’s the game’s biggest map so far, and about 15% larger than World’s Edge. To help players get around, new Gravity Cannons will fling players across vast expanses of the map, replacing the redeploy balloons.

But it’s not just other players you’ll have to look out for in Apex Legends‘ new location, as it turns out Storm Point is teeming with wildlife. Wildlife Nests will be home to several vicious creatures, such as the territorial Prowlers. The caves are equally dangerous with Spiders ready to pour out of eggs dotted across the map. Eww. Finally, Flyers in the sky will offer loot to those who dare shoot one down. Clearing out nests will also net you rewards, like attachments, ammo and even crafting materials.

Points of Interest include the spinning platform on the Barometer. Elsewhere the Command Center is a massive underground complex rich in loot and pieces of cover. A dangerous Checkpoint lies over a dense forest, providing cover below. There’s also a Storm Catcher and Lightning Rod, if you too like to live dangerously.

There’s plenty more to discover for yourself, along with new Legend Ash when she drops on the same day. Apex Legends Season 11 – Escape lands for the game on November 2. Check out a pair of trailers below.


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