Nintendo announced that post-launch extras for Animal Crossing: New Horizons may be delayed owing to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic (via Nintendo Life).

The first update, 1.1.0, offered players a Nintendo Switch and a rug for their in-game digs. Those who have an Animal Crossing-themed Switch even got the mini version of the console in the post from Nintendo. This update also prepped the game ahead of Bunny Day, with a 1.1.0a patch to activate on April 1. Further updates may be affected by the global situation surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, though.

Speaking in an interview with The Washington Post, director Aya Kyogoku said that she and her team are coping with the unforeseen circumstances. “We’re not sure if we have to shift anything, but I think we have to be flexible,” she added, and producer Hisashi Nogami explained that the welfare of their employees comes first, if complications arise. “In terms of the development team, I do have to think about their health and well-being as well,” he iterated.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now for the Nintendo Switch.

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