Activision Files Patent for ‘Never-Ending Game Mode’

Activision Files Patent for ‘Never-Ending Game Mode’
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It seems Activision is currently working on a unique FPS experience after filing a patent for a ‘never-ending game mode’. The video game giants have also apparently been working on this particular project for a few months now as the application was initially submitted in July 2022.

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If this idea indeed came to fruition, players would easily be able to jump in and out of an ongoing match as long as one player remains in the original lobby. According to the patent itself, the “new system would score players using time-based or other parameters” in order to reward those who have stayed in the game the longest.

The match would only end once all users have disconnected from the match. This mechanic would also make it entirely different from your typical MMO’s, which persist even if a lobby or a world is completely empty.

A few users are speculating that this specific innovation could be integrated into DMZ, the popular Warzone 2 extraction mode. Including this novel feature to CoD’s looter shooter match type would bring a much needed breath of fresh air as it could potentially introduce a rotating set of missions and obtainable items with the map periodically. However, this is purely speculation at this point in time as nothing yet has been fully confirmed by Activision or the developers.

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Further evidence suggests that this idea may have been entertained as early as 2018 based on a post that an eagle-eyed Reddit user made. According to the 4-year old thread, the previously mentioned mechanics were all included in a now defunct patent page. If this is the case, then we may be seeing more of this new offering sooner rather than later.