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A Gran Turismo movie is reportedly in the works with District 9’s Neill Blomkamp eyed as director

Gran Turismo 7
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Driving simulator Gran Turismo is the next series to get the movie treatment from PlayStation Productions.

That’s according to Deadline, who report that the project is on the way with support from the Sony Pictures division. It’s a partnership that previously brought us this year’s Uncharted movie, which wound up as a box office success. While plot details are under wraps, the report claims District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is who Sony wants in the director’s chair.

Earlier this week during a PlayStation Business Briefing, the company revealed it’s working on several live action adaptations. These include a purported Horizon: Zero Dawn adaptation at Netflix and the God of War TV series at Amazon. A Gran Turismo project was also mentioned, however, at the time it was rumoured to be a TV series. Deadline say this detail was inaccurate, and the Gran Turismo project will instead be a movie.

For now, the Gran Turismo movie is apparently very early in development. But there’s plenty of PlayStation franchises getting similar treatment in the meantime. They include the Twisted Metal TV series, The Last of Us over at HBO and a Ghost of Tsushima movie all at various stages of production. Blomkamp too is no stranger to games, recently announcing his own game coming next year as battle royale shooter Off the Grid.

Gran Turismo is certainly an interesting pick to adapt, given it doesn’t really have much of a story outside of “Aren’t cars great?”. Will they go a Fast and Furious route, or maybe something more documentary-like such as 2010’s Senna? Or maybe it’ll just feature talking vehicles ala Disney Pixar’s Cars series? (Probably not that last one.) For now, we’ll have to wait and see.


Gran Turismo 7

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March 4, 2022